Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “The Endorsement”

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Apex Legends

3 ай мурун

While running her own modding shop, Ramya Parekh (aka Rampart) built her rep in underground gauntlet circuits. But success has a way of making enemies. Good thing she knows how to use all those fancy weapons she’s upgraded…

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The Joker
The Joker Күн мурун
we need more boys in this game
りんリン Күн мурун
1:42 この展開の速さになって欲しい
DBTBullet 2 күн мурун
Cooper: Litterally destroys an army to get the apex patch Rampart: Fights some junkies an fails to get it
broken sink
broken sink 3 күн мурун
damn these are some cool characters kinda want big sista to become an apex legend
Tmoddrummer 35
Tmoddrummer 35 5 күн мурун
Why are so many of the female characters so forced and un-likable
Apex Price Estimation
Apex Price Estimation 8 күн мурун
Aim bot check
Revenant Apex
Revenant Apex 12 күн мурун
Apex games- invites another person that lost everything Me- stop it get some help
Inanekills 14 күн мурун
Can we see one on octane I feel like he deserves at least a minute of a backstory
Theodd3s Out
Theodd3s Out 15 күн мурун
Wait wait wait So anyone know the game titanfall 2 Well at 2:00 that looks identical to the person at the end of the game, and they have the same voice actors, so, since at the end of titanfall 2 he slaps a card on the front that has the word apex on it, and what about the card the guy gave to revanaunt, yep, the same card, and this confirms that the pilot, aka the main character is confirmed to be in apex legends
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 10 күн мурун
Yea thats blisk from titanfall 1 and 2 also rev said that he's 200 years old so no way that could be the pilot
Aniel Sanchez
Aniel Sanchez 15 күн мурун
me:eats 256 mcdonalds nuggets *gets unconscious* blisk: congrats you earned 5 dollar mcdonalds gift card
PrtyProductive 15 күн мурун
next legends needs to be squatting guy. that power stance is amazing, and you know he has his clean knickers on
Ajay Bargav
Ajay Bargav 15 күн мурун
the mask at 1:32 is in the s5 stories from the outlands trailer !
Brian Lloyd
Brian Lloyd 16 күн мурун
What annoys me is that when we see a new legends abilities we need to remember in game they're going to be barely like that as they don't do balancing in these trailers. One of many many examples is when at 1:39 when rampart deploys her amp wall. It's shit we get compressed versions of thier abilities.
Bruce Gibson
Bruce Gibson 17 күн мурун
Stalker: pulls out guns Me immediately: S P I T F I R E S
Caustic 17 күн мурун
No one talking bout the apex tick at 1:23 ???
augusteleven 17 күн мурун
wait hold up that's not fair you can only have 3 on one te- *oh they're teaming*
raketo zad
raketo zad 18 күн мурун
2:00 we have a city to burn
Jaxon Skarstad
Jaxon Skarstad 18 күн мурун
Rampart came out of nowhere to be honest
C Doc
C Doc 20 күн мурун
I really thought that was Kano
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 10 күн мурун
Its the same va but its not kano its kuban blisk from the titan fall games
Spartan 501 Boy
Spartan 501 Boy 20 күн мурун
My god I would of loved this became an full on animated series on apex or titanfall
Triumər 21 күн мурун
Rampart: Expectation: 1:44 Reality: 1:48
noure hi
noure hi 22 күн мурун
1:30 girl season 8 ???
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 10 күн мурун
No its supposed to be blisk aka the guy who hands rampart the card
Korbrick 157
Korbrick 157 22 күн мурун
Fun fact: Blisk is a hacker, he gave a stalker two spitfires
Darrius Colotario
Darrius Colotario 22 күн мурун
Brah gibby be chugging down
mancsi1234 22 күн мурун
gun:is 2 meters away girl who is 12 meters away with a knife: no
beam grim
beam grim 22 күн мурун
wait mby big sista gonna be the season 8 legend?
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 17 күн мурун
No its supposed to be blisk
danny taracena
danny taracena 22 күн мурун
naruto reaction
Alessandro Scolari
Alessandro Scolari 23 күн мурун
isn't big sister the one that ejected horizon?
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 9 күн мурун
@Alessandro Scolari true that bro I mean the storyline is top notch
Alessandro Scolari
Alessandro Scolari 9 күн мурун
@Dragon Slayer that's why we love (or hate) apex, it is soooo suspicius
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 9 күн мурун
@Alessandro Scolari nah I don't think so it just doesn't add up but it could be because in the s6 quest blisk told ash that her old friend is back so he could be talking about horizon
Alessandro Scolari
Alessandro Scolari 9 күн мурун
@Dragon Slayer yep u're right, the community says that she is *spoiler* ash, not sure
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 10 күн мурун
No because she would've been like 90 years old by now
na8 eh
na8 eh 23 күн мурун
A for apex.
The Blev
The Blev 24 күн мурун
Man, this reminds me from that scene from titanfall.
Vinosh Bagabathesewaran
Vinosh Bagabathesewaran 24 күн мурун
This is literally interstellar but apex
m e
m e 24 күн мурун
RealHyper_ 25 күн мурун
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 10 күн мурун
@RealHyper_ i know right bro thats honestly what we're scared of cause this game is amazing
RealHyper_ 17 күн мурун
@Dragon Slayer quite a unique one too! I'm just hoping it wouldn't lose it's good qualities with time like Fortnite
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 17 күн мурун
@RealHyper_ oh shoot I've never looked at it like that plus you're right tho honestly it was a smart choice for them to make a battle royal set in the titanfall universe
RealHyper_ 17 күн мурун
@Dragon Slayer making another Titanfall game would be considered as milking the game.. but they made a Titanfall with no titans, Apex! You get to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Titanfall but in a battle royale mode in the form of Apex. Which is hella smart if you ask me
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 17 күн мурун
@RealHyper_ same bro i honestly wish that they would make another titanfall game
Kester Semacio
Kester Semacio 25 күн мурун
They changed the Animation tho, Horizon and Wattson have the same animation in their stories.
edgar humpiri
edgar humpiri 26 күн мурун
en la foto de portada pareciera que fuera una osa
Mosila 27 күн мурун
1:29 , the skins of aftermarket on the wall , they were already teased and we dindt see it pfffff
Cățelu' de Usturoi
Cățelu' de Usturoi 27 күн мурун
Seeing Blisk as being old doesn t stop from giving me bad chills
and i_oop
and i_oop 27 күн мурун
So the redhead is ash ? Or crypto girlfriend
Atuka 25 күн мурун
No its some random girl and crypto never had a girlfriend
Lalo Garcia
Lalo Garcia 28 күн мурун
Jajaja un clásico como en el juego siempre matas a rampart por estar a la pendeja usando a la sheyla
MrMrbread 28 күн мурун
I am heavy weapons girl and this is my weapon
Rekter100 28 күн мурун
I'm coming back to this right now!
Han Alex Crane Alister
Han Alex Crane Alister 29 күн мурун
Big Sista is Crypto’a sister, mark my words
Barrett Henderson
Barrett Henderson 29 күн мурун
Makes me hyped to play the game even though this trailer is old
Cesar Medina
Cesar Medina 29 күн мурун
Hey it’s Kano
Domin1226 Ай мурун
here after the newest story of the outlands
Gaz Da Lad
Gaz Da Lad Ай мурун
blisk: allow me to introduce myself
killer queen
killer queen Ай мурун
Ronald Alton
Ronald Alton Ай мурун
Theory:Big sis is the same doctor who betrayed horizon in the new trailer
Ronald Alton
Ronald Alton 29 күн мурун
Mikołaj Smoleński ong forgot about that you right
Mikołaj Smoleński
Mikołaj Smoleński 29 күн мурун
about a 100 years old. Doubt
Shekhar Kumar
Shekhar Kumar Ай мурун
Something big is in the horizon... Get it
AksentNetharia Ай мурун
So... Big Sister has long, straight red hair and supposedly a scar over one eye. Didn't the woman who was travelling with Horizon in their branthium mission look pretty similar?
Shekhar Kumar
Shekhar Kumar Ай мурун
Oh damn
Ultimatewolf Exists
Ultimatewolf Exists Ай мурун
Bro imagine if they put Jack into the Games
Parzival Ай мурун
bangalore out here with that cotton candy hair
Петър Капланов
Петър Капланов Ай мурун
When you burnin but then magic Santa Jesus appears
pw380x Ай мурун
I still wonder who the guy at the end is
Dinosaur Guy
Dinosaur Guy Ай мурун
Is it just me or the person who said burn it voices a character from valorant
Chris villa tortilla
Chris villa tortilla Ай мурун
when Blisk shows up me: \(O- O)/
thezman9001 Ай мурун
This is like the guy who tried to rob a gun store with a baseball bat
W L Ай мурун
Was that not ash?
James Hojnacki
James Hojnacki Ай мурун
0:37 look at the Eva 8 in the background it was the aftermarket skin
yamms op
yamms op Ай мурун
Youlikejazz?27 Ай мурун
So what happened to “Simp Rick”? Edit: Who the Hell is “Big Sister”?
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 9 күн мурун
We don't know but it could be a possible future legend
greyden harrison
greyden harrison Ай мурун
wheres the octane one?!
BloothHoonder Ай мурун
Wait... look at the top of the wall 1:40
Dragonblaze Ай мурун
Whenever Blisk appears, my PP goes mount everest
Sid Devakumar
Sid Devakumar Ай мурун
if you guys notice the whisky that they were drinking was called witts whiskey if you looked close plus at 0:16 you can see the iron crown event symbol so the event may be coming back.
Crystal Esquibel storytime
Crystal Esquibel storytime Ай мурун
Why did you just have to add her
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox Ай мурун
We need a Netflix show of this.
amlord6 1
amlord6 1 Ай мурун
holy shit i just realized that at 1:28 u can see the aftermarket weapons
ASHD 4YD3N Ай мурун
OMG OMG OMG When she tryes to get robed look at the girl all the way on the left when does that look like cryptos step sister mila
Carrots Ай мурун
The weapons on the wall of Ramparts shop are the same weapon skins as the ones in the Aftermarket event.
ramya part
ramya part Ай мурун
Make this an outfit for rampart PLEASE she looks so cute also if gibby and bangalore stayed a bit longer she wouldn't be in the games
iDoomBoy Ай мурун
1:32 lol i want she as a new legend in the future (maybe like a ash whit her bob)
Jeb Froaklen
Jeb Froaklen Ай мурун
SP4Z Loco
SP4Z Loco Ай мурун
They need to make a show on this
little psycho
little psycho Ай мурун
Isn’t “big sister’s “ mask the same one Lina stole
Yağız Arslan
Yağız Arslan Ай мурун
Anyone else noticed she has the same voice actor with symetra in overwatch?
J Ай мурун
Blisk is basically the Nick Fury of Apex
The Junk Food Junky
The Junk Food Junky Ай мурун
whats funny is that she sucks in game lol
The Junk Food Junky
The Junk Food Junky Ай мурун
@Two Souls No Im pretty sure she sucks
Two Souls
Two Souls Ай мурун
Um excuse me, but no legend "sucks" In apex some are just weaker than other legends like loba she's really good when you know how to use her rampart can even be op In the right hands
D3faultfx Ай мурун
Yea she some doodoo alright
Quintin Morse
Quintin Morse Ай мурун
I like this part 0:33😆
saric0 Ай мурун
Just realised the aftermarket skins are on the wall in her shop lol
Lucio Bruna
Lucio Bruna Ай мурун
1:28 The Hemlock skin of the Aftermarket Collection event and Nessie were on the background.
Emma Draws
Emma Draws Ай мурун
Maybe, just maybe.. Big sister could be Mila.. The shop is in fact on the world Gaea and Mila did say that she was keeping low, maybe she is trying to make a living as a assassin or a leader for a possible rebellion.
Jeb Froaklen
Jeb Froaklen Ай мурун
Go back to animal crossing
alixmoon .0
alixmoon .0 Ай мурун
plus the red hair
HeadPool03 Ай мурун
1 vs 10 that is really impressing
Liam Donahue
Liam Donahue Ай мурун
you could see the R301 and Hemlok skin from Aftermarket on the wall. Sick.
IngrownKitKat Ай мурун
Me, a titan fall fan boy: oh this is cool Blisk: *enters frame* Me: ಠ_ಠ U hurt my bt
Bambang Ketupat Gaming
Bambang Ketupat Gaming Ай мурун
I just realized something. What if (and it's a big WHAT IF), Apex Games (Apex Legends) are a way for IMC to qualify and train top-tier Pilots to make a comeback and fight against the Militia and their Vanguard Class Titan in Titanfall 3. They said the *ORIGINAL* Hammond Robotics were IMC.
Phøenix Ай мурун
Big sister would make a really good next legend
Diego B
Diego B Ай мурун
Las skins del pizarrón son las del evento de ahora ya las tenían preparadas
Th3lonef0x Ай мурун
I really hope Respawn continue the tales from the outlands shorts.
genji kill182
genji kill182 Ай мурун
They are going to have too
It's Just Anime
It's Just Anime Ай мурун
Plot twist Blisk set up the whole thing to give her a reason to join the Apex Games
anti hero
anti hero Ай мурун
It's funny that she was happy to accept the offer rather than mourn about her burnt down shop.
Frozen Krystal
Frozen Krystal Ай мурун
Hol’ up, is Bangalore holing an re 45? She’s gonna go full auto on this girl
AHarice Ай мурун
an idea for a titan fall 3 scene you and your titan are betrayed your are knocked out as your titan is torn apart. as you pass out yeah here "common brother" you wake later "You not leaving us ya erd me" hours pass you sit up you see lifeline and octane chatting with path finder steering at you "welcome back friend" you walk past other legends gearing up Bangalore wraith are picking on mirage as you come to your titan crypto is booting it up with Rampant Watson and octane fixing it up. with new gear related to their fields crypto says alright we are ready you hop in your titan the Hud flashes Cryptos symbol then into the predator symbol Bangalore "well its been awhile since i fought with a pilot" the legends gather round the apex theme plays.
Илья М.
Илья М. Ай мурун
Now apex has it’s own Johnny Silverhand
yeeting with Aly
yeeting with Aly Ай мурун
Ykw I think the stories from the outlands should be a show on Netflix
R M.
R M. Ай мурун
Nightfury CR7
Nightfury CR7 Ай мурун
Amazing gameplay, I love to play with Octane.
76&titanfall2 Of hell
76&titanfall2 Of hell Ай мурун
Bruh just like titanfall you earned this
Marco Capozzi
Marco Capozzi Ай мурун
the game is dying really fast
Marco Capozzi
Marco Capozzi Ай мурун
@Two Souls Good Answer but I try to say thar EA doesn't pay to much attention to the game in my opinion
Two Souls
Two Souls Ай мурун
The human body Is dying fast games never die until the last player stops playing apex the game Is not dead
Marco Capozzi
Marco Capozzi Ай мурун
@D3faultfx Tell me why
D3faultfx Ай мурун
Not really
alixmoon .0
alixmoon .0 Ай мурун
ok lol
we need more from stories from outlands
Mithril 01
Mithril 01 Ай мурун
1:57 me who remembers titanfall 2:hey ive seen this one!
Two Souls
Two Souls Ай мурун
@Sion Christian Oh god he means blisk hes from ttf 2
Sion Christian
Sion Christian Ай мурун
what do you mean you seen this one? This is new!
ThePlaya134 Ай мурун
i swear hes the villain from titan fall 2
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