Apex Legends Season 4 Reveal Devstream

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Apex Legends

10 ай мурун

As we approach the Year One anniversary, we’re joined by Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier, Executive Producer Drew McCoy, and more dev team folks to look back at our incredible first year and talk about what’s coming in Season 4, including a new Legend, new weapon, updates to the map and Ranked, and more details on the Apex Legends Global Series.
Developing the Legends: 3:20
Year One Login Gifts: 9:56
Season 4 Preview: 10:40
Ranked Updates 14:17
Join us for a stroll down memory lane and then a brisk walk down future avenue!
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Ahmad Wilson
Ahmad Wilson Ай мурун
Mustafa Zahir
Mustafa Zahir Ай мурун
11:04 just love the way you lie
Sharon Holly
Sharon Holly Ай мурун
please help
Sharon Holly
Sharon Holly Ай мурун
im banned from florida
Sharon Holly
Sharon Holly Ай мурун
Sharon Holly
Sharon Holly Ай мурун
have you tried apex in real life
Sharon Holly
Sharon Holly Ай мурун
Sharon Holly
Sharon Holly Ай мурун
what song is this i must know
KK In a wheelchair
KK In a wheelchair Ай мурун
KK In a wheelchair
KK In a wheelchair Ай мурун
Bring back forge
DANIEL Ай мурун
Would someone please tell me the name of the song from the beginning
saif alrabadi
saif alrabadi 3 ай мурун
Alex legnds is better than fortnite
Max Abbott
Max Abbott 3 ай мурун
I’m watching this back and when I heard that they said the next legend if Forge, I laughed.
DE CUSTOS 3 ай мурун
It would have been better, if they had added Forge in season 6 instead of Rampart.
Amare Perera
Amare Perera 4 ай мурун
Give Nintendo players more information about apex legends for Nintendo switch
Mohammed Al Muahiri
Mohammed Al Muahiri 5 ай мурун
mars bar
mars bar 5 ай мурун
Diego Cerrón
Diego Cerrón 5 ай мурун
Song name please
Guilherme Nascimento Lhermegui
Guilherme Nascimento Lhermegui 5 ай мурун
I love EA
Liam DaDeppo
Liam DaDeppo 3 ай мурун
EA really cares about the fans not the money
Praveen D Kumar
Praveen D Kumar 5 ай мурун
Who notice wattson eyes full of love 5:50 (Wattson ❤ Octane)
T o e s
T o e s 5 ай мурун
We have been bamboozled by mirage himself
Eggo _Plays
Eggo _Plays 5 ай мурун
5:51 *blink blink*
sebastian ulises yucra chipana
sebastian ulises yucra chipana 5 ай мурун
El mejor juego apex....
LazyFurryKoala 6 ай мурун
`we met some real legends` immediately cuts to a company that was awarded worst company of year twice 0:32
NPC Dude
NPC Dude 6 ай мурун
Cool, so can we actually have a white male character to play now? K thank bye..
Kuusakat_ 6 ай мурун
I'm disappointed in how small amouth of comments talk about the breathtaking intro
Rogue Wizard
Rogue Wizard 6 ай мурун
5:51... is no one gonna talk about how that moment was cut out of the season two launch trailer
Jedd Slaven
Jedd Slaven 6 ай мурун
Love how all of thes dev streams are just these narcissistic greedy cunts tooting thier own horn,honestly worst devs .but i get it u went to school and got a well paying job you guys must be the biggest brain dudes :/
Alex Chved
Alex Chved 6 ай мурун
Guys, I'm not sure, but I think Revenant will kill Forge and become the new legend
Toasted Preds
Toasted Preds 6 ай мурун
It’s funny Ninja is banned
AM - 04DK 831985 Lorenville PS
AM - 04DK 831985 Lorenville PS 6 ай мурун
Hay apex
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez 6 ай мурун
Listen apex you guys need to try a lil harder with my girl wraith skins 😭. No offense but what was the one for the battle pass. I want nice cute but rebellious stuff yk. You guys are great tho love the game next season goal is 5000 with wraith I’m at 2101 😭. I’m not the best but I’m not the worst
HVK Daniel
HVK Daniel 7 ай мурун
luiscarlosherediah 7 ай мурун
Revenant is the man behind the slaughter
Cameron Vere-Holloway
Cameron Vere-Holloway 7 ай мурун
Make the loot box’s 50
Phoenix07 7 ай мурун
Literally enjoyed this stream so much rather than so many other streams.
LAUTAROSNAP 7 ай мурун
5:48 lol
Savage T
Savage T 7 ай мурун
The thing about the ranked changes and the rewards that no one noticed is that you pretty much only get a dive trail if you meet the requirements to hit Apex Prrdator. It's unfortunate that being in Diamond doesn't get you anything anymore.
Amr Maki
Amr Maki 7 ай мурун
Fix the game stupid
Gestumerodi Mero
Gestumerodi Mero 7 ай мурун
0:14 what that name song??
Spoc Wild ttv
Spoc Wild ttv 7 ай мурун
The Watson scene tho.
Cujo 7 ай мурун
whats the song?
All Might
All Might 7 ай мурун
Pathfinder should say dieing is not fun that is why I don’t do it
Quarantine 4life
Quarantine 4life 7 ай мурун
Hi Respawn, I just saw that you said that you won’t add solos because people will team up and it won’t be fair and that solos isn’t for Apex. But I just thought, If a solo player was teaming up and someone reported them. Why don’t you give that person who was reported a penalty like in ranked when people leave the game. Maybe that will stop solos from teaming.
dv8mc 7 ай мурун
fix the hackers.
jair the crazy child
jair the crazy child 7 ай мурун
Can you bring apex legends to switch if posible?
ASN CyberDuck
ASN CyberDuck 7 ай мурун
We need more backstories start a riot
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 8 ай мурун
I'm starting a boycott to remove the punishment for ranked matches to be changed since players cant get. A full squad due to incompetence by servers or respawns themselves if this isn't fixed or addressed I will be deleting apex and have the resources to get nay more to do the same
Amauri Badgette
Amauri Badgette 8 ай мурун
Mr Curls
Mr Curls 8 ай мурун
Revenant sucks ass bring back forge!!!
Malthosa MG
Malthosa MG 8 ай мурун
If i would choose one change in the game i would be that you could change your heirloom to another every season that would help me slot an probably many more people
Abraham Felix
Abraham Felix 8 ай мурун
Please un baned my 200 euro account! user Codereceptor , its unfair, i have to stay home
ThaMothGuy \
ThaMothGuy \ 8 ай мурун
Fortnite is better
محمد محمدی
محمد محمدی 3 ай мурун
So why you watch this video /:
*Jerry Brown
*Jerry Brown 8 ай мурун
It’s Mar 24
Hector Acevedo
Hector Acevedo 8 ай мурун
ERIKAS ERIKAS 8 ай мурун
A quit Fortnite for this game a don’t regret it
Kanav M
Kanav M 8 ай мурун
Plsss someone tell the song in the starting of the video
Wiz Kid
Wiz Kid 8 ай мурун
All white guys so they don't put black guys in the game.....wow
Raze_MaxUp p
Raze_MaxUp p 8 ай мурун
Am I the only one that wants for all season 4 the map of worlds edge only
Vrolijk 8 ай мурун
I like both maps, but i like kings canyon more
Kuusakat_ 8 ай мурун
Those first 2 minutes are breathtaking
Dxcastro 1103
Dxcastro 1103 8 ай мурун
5:48 that wattson look wasn't in the original trailer
vonji 1229
vonji 1229 8 ай мурун
What's the song in the first part
Jack Manhell the legend
Jack Manhell the legend 8 ай мурун
Guys what is this song
Austin Dawsey
Austin Dawsey 9 ай мурун
If you achieve predator and fall back into master, do you get Predator rewards?
raginteen 9 ай мурун
everything about this update was a joke. they made the already horrible map worse, added a terrible gun, gave us an under powered legend with underwhelming abilities, introduced master tier while taking away the rewards for diamond tier (which you dont even get to keep when the season is over now), and they added a map split with a "soft" reset so its even harder to make that rank you want. they pretty much just killed any incentive to play ranked at all.
Stretched Almond
Stretched Almond 9 ай мурун
I want the devs to take a single shot winchester shotgun to the face from 6 feet and tell me it's only 19 damage after the dev is shot they should will tell us how that 19 damage works an feels. As well as 350 pound man with 180 pounds of armor runs silently show us how that works. Since it's such a amazing thing to see :)
Yam Po
Yam Po 9 ай мурун
The intro I loved it🙂
Lorenzo Maccaferri
Lorenzo Maccaferri 9 ай мурун
Aaaaaaaaa jojo reference
Spirit Shinobi
Spirit Shinobi 9 ай мурун
Can you please patch these crashes?????
Hector Acevedo
Hector Acevedo 9 ай мурун
OmegaDabbr 9 ай мурун
Now I know why they always say "um" while talking about Forge.
Matt Steenburg
Matt Steenburg 9 ай мурун
RyznPlayz 9 ай мурун
Matt Steenburg your right fortnite is trash
Visual 9 ай мурун
I honestly hope someone reads this. When ranked changes to Kings canyon in late March. The ranked "reset" will turn away alot of players. If I've already grinded to masters from bronze. Why would I want to reset back to bronze and do the whole grind again? A waste of time. You know we all have jobs you know.
Mrnope51 Da sucky gamer
Mrnope51 Da sucky gamer 9 ай мурун
Ninja is in here???
Courtney H
Courtney H 9 ай мурун
My favorite part is when Wattson and Octane eyefucked.
Squiddy 9 ай мурун
What song was in the intro?
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 9 ай мурун
You know respawn is retarded when they only give you two man squads on ranked matches they want to punish you when you want to quit what kind of damn sense does that make
PushyMcPusherson 9 ай мурун
Id like to see another behind the legend
Romina Saldaño
Romina Saldaño 9 ай мурун
5:50 octane x wattson❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 9 ай мурун
Someone who is paid to-do a job should be punished that isn't doing there job I get punished on a time out for leaving a game that wasn't properly filled by very bad game servers
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 9 ай мурун
So now that we get punished fir leaving ranked matches what happens to the person who is responsible for the severs or me having to play solo because if these shitty servers so what who gets punished for that
Pack Mentality Media
Pack Mentality Media 9 ай мурун
The excuse to cut a map from the game because you're worried "players will leave if they don't get the map they want" is so asinine. All multiplayer games, including most Battle Royales, have multiple maps. People have their favourites. It's okay for people to have their favourites. Limiting players to a single map for months at a time despite the fact you have two perfectly good ones is baffling. Especially for new players. If you're really worried about players leaving then make it switch daily or weekly. Not seasonally.
Diego Cruces
Diego Cruces 9 ай мурун
5:50 octane and wattson in love ?
Orozco Bartolo Moisés
Orozco Bartolo Moisés 9 ай мурун
5:49 Wattson & Octane ❤️
EricGRTV Ай мурун
They like each other
UltrajoshX 9 ай мурун
I wish that when they said “We travelled to new places”(0:59)they show World’s Edge
susanovpc 9 ай мурун
what is the song please
Spawn Sempaii
Spawn Sempaii 9 ай мурун
5:49 wattson x octane confirmed
Laura Solis
Laura Solis 8 ай мурун
IDK if they're gonna make It canon after seeing they cut this scene from the trailer.
Canadian Rocker
Canadian Rocker 8 ай мурун
I ship it.
Garserus 9 ай мурун
It's true, I hadn't noticed.
Thy_Shalt_Smite 9 ай мурун
Hold up wattson wasn’t eyeing my boy back in the season 2 trailer 5:52 You trying to tell us something respawn?
marlinazul 24 күн мурун
Cough cough toon craft/titan toons cough cough
Calvin David
Calvin David 6 ай мурун
@Wattson and got smashed by a falling tower while in smoke right? No? Oh well you can have your privacy
Wattson 6 ай мурун
Muhammad Adnan she could've at least smoked us for privacy
Muhammad Adnan
Muhammad Adnan 8 ай мурун
@RyznPlayz and bangalore came and ruin the moment 😁
RyznPlayz 9 ай мурун
Thy Shalt Smite lol she looked at him with dem puppie dog eyes
pitbrand 9 ай мурун
Here for Kings Canyon update. I don't know why they couldn't just make it an option to choose like the modes that are sometimes offered instead of the idea that it would be a random map if there was more than one map. Just let the players pick their map. I bet servers for all options would keep going and possibly keep players longer because the map options.
MustyTapWater 9 ай мурун
Something I would truely love is a theater mode
Josh Erhard
Josh Erhard 9 ай мурун
Such huge hype for such an epic fail
TTV- cloudy
TTV- cloudy 9 ай мурун
Give Lazar beam a sponsor
anonymous_animator ._.
anonymous_animator ._. 9 ай мурун
5:50 ummm wut
ahmd nuur
ahmd nuur 5 ай мурун
Alex Filvet
Alex Filvet 9 ай мурун
Hi guys) I made a fan art on Pathfinder, you can look on my renders in my portfolio by link) www.artstation.com/artwork/gJavJQ
Jesus Armando Casillas Muñoz
Jesus Armando Casillas Muñoz 9 ай мурун
Anyone know the song of the beginning?
VoidP 9 ай мурун
ABigLoser •
ABigLoser • 9 ай мурун
17:18 Thought he said Splatoon...
RoseyDoesRobloxTM 9 ай мурун
I'm just gonna say this even if this was, a week ago. Revenant is inspired by shadow of mordor, DONT @ ME!
Zachary Spencer
Zachary Spencer 9 ай мурун
This game is super hard, make TitanFall 3 pls. At least I will have fun sucking at it.
Jugg Universe
Jugg Universe 9 ай мурун
I've had 6 hours of sleep in 2 days just to grind through diamond 2 to get pred, I start up another game of ranked and it says "ranked locked" Why was there not a timer set for when rank ended... I've put over $2k and over 2k hours in this game and this makes me want to quit...
FlipperWyld 9 ай мурун
Aviraj 9 ай мурун
“Revenant can’t be that dangerous “ Gets a Mozambique kill* “May the All Father help us”
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