Apex Legends Season 3 - Meltdown Launch Trailer

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Apex Legends

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Welcome to World’s Edge, a new Apex Legends map where molten heat and chemical ice collide. Join our cast of Legends - including the newest Legend, Crypto - on the dropship as they’re whisked from Planet Solace towards World’s Edge on Planet Talos.
Special thanks to GerryArthur, Lilith_luxe, py-bun, totsdraw, feyspeaker, Cash_Mayo and Weta Workshop for the use of their amazing artwork and content.

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Oscar Portillo
Oscar Portillo 19 саат мурун
I wish these guys were monster hunters
Delilh Күн мурун
Okay, I've been playing this game since release and I'm just watching this trailer for the very first time. How the FUCK didn't I know that SHINEDOWN sang here?!?! OMG
Cayde-6 2 күн мурун
0:10 octane playing Apex legends on a octane cooled custom PC
galaxy cupcake
galaxy cupcake 2 күн мурун
1:42 pathfinder being pathfinder
Connor Hill
Connor Hill 2 күн мурун
Who else realized Crypto called Mirage old man although Mirage is 30 and Crypto is 31
Bandit Boyo
Bandit Boyo 2 күн мурун
during this time, there where only 11 legends. yet at 0:51 there are 4 teams of 3, thus making 12 and I cant seem to identify the third member of wraith and wattson's team
Rebecca Lutton
Rebecca Lutton 3 күн мурун
Ea really have a nack for creating a scene don't they? It's the best haha
Mangos Wrath
Mangos Wrath 4 күн мурун
Best trailer tbh
BMO 4 күн мурун
Why TF did Crypto take down the TOWER?
hey u
hey u 5 күн мурун
So did crypto just go fast enough to counter wraiths voice warnings
Decu Rebe
Decu Rebe 5 күн мурун
Wow los gráficos son increíbles!
irondonutt Gaming
irondonutt Gaming 5 күн мурун
POG octane playing titanfall guanlet speedrun
ForeHeadass 6 күн мурун
Nobody gonna acknowledge that there were two bloodhounds in this and one was in his black plague doctor outfit
Gepke Apex
Gepke Apex 7 күн мурун
The least played character, I have only 50 kills or so
Orestis Georgatos
Orestis Georgatos 7 күн мурун
The real reason crypto joined the games is to find Dave
TheGoodGamer09 8 күн мурун
0:10 ok is it just me or is octane playing the gauntlet on the top monitor
Grav3di993r 7 күн мурун
Петър Капланов
Петър Капланов 8 күн мурун
No crypto was ever a kill leader 1:32 Expectations of EMP Reality: I'm getting EMPd. I'm down 1:57 Expectations Reality: crypto gets spammed by a Spitfire and gets shot in the head by a peacekeeper, keeps spamming the enemy, dies, quits
Alex C
Alex C 8 күн мурун
The way DOC nods along with Che when she says the turbulence is normal is a fantastic detail
Scrumptious Bumptious
Scrumptious Bumptious 9 күн мурун
i love you mirage
Vanessa Morales
Vanessa Morales 9 күн мурун
Season 3 is the best season
Jakub K
Jakub K 9 күн мурун
Saber Hg
Saber Hg 6 күн мурун
@Jakub K you called apex cringe, u probably like fortnite
Jakub K
Jakub K 6 күн мурун
@Saber Hg normie
Jakub K
Jakub K 6 күн мурун
@Saber Hg stfu
Saber Hg
Saber Hg 6 күн мурун
No you are cringe
Calypso O.
Calypso O. 9 күн мурун
Anyone else notice that there are TWO blood hounds in the ship? OwO
The Holy Florida Man
The Holy Florida Man 9 күн мурун
1:37 that is why he is so cool he is chill and threatening at the same time
Randomness 4life
Randomness 4life 9 күн мурун
Psychokilla 18
Psychokilla 18 2 күн мурун
@Randomness 4life lmao
Randomness 4life
Randomness 4life 2 күн мурун
@Psychokilla 18 I... am diagnosed with the stupid.
Psychokilla 18
Psychokilla 18 2 күн мурун
Thats titanfall gauntlet lmao
Ya Boiii Spizco
Ya Boiii Spizco 10 күн мурун
Who's Here After Watching Season 7?😏
The Anime God
The Anime God 10 күн мурун
What dis song do
TheTR Show
TheTR Show 11 күн мурун
|Good old vides of good old apex|
RedTApEx411 11 күн мурун
Apex Legends should make a full blown CG movie or two like this trailer
jose cose
jose cose 11 күн мурун
I'm here to break the Game - Crypto
Vio 11 күн мурун
Never played that season, i started in season 4, but i know that this was the best season
Hasan Imtiaz
Hasan Imtiaz 11 күн мурун
That show off @1:29
Chukz jukez_yt
Chukz jukez_yt 11 күн мурун
I love it how Gibraltar dies like 3 times
Twitter_for_Android 11 күн мурун
Anyone notice how after crypto calls mirage a "old man" he says "Man?" Instead of "Old?"
Ashkan Kiafard
Ashkan Kiafard 6 күн мурун
@Saber Hg :///////
Saber Hg
Saber Hg 6 күн мурун
@Ashkan Kiafard so is mirage actually a young woman?
Ashkan Kiafard
Ashkan Kiafard 11 күн мурун
He says "old man?"
AZOZ AZOZ 12 күн мурун
Duggy Fresh1313
Duggy Fresh1313 12 күн мурун
Damn I love this song
DP 12 күн мурун
This was a year ago Let that sink in
Archimedes 12 күн мурун
0:08 octane doesn't need VR at all
PrimePikachu 13 күн мурун
pre orange.
Splatnite Paclanders
Splatnite Paclanders 13 күн мурун
No weapons are allowed on the drop ship 2019: Haha Bloodhound has a knife so funny 2020 : Rampart has a fucking turret and nobody is talking about it except me...
CyberTray 14 күн мурун
Octane just got a wombo combo
Tavo 14 күн мурун
2:05 Bangalore got respawed twice and wants revenge
Trigger Studios
Trigger Studios 14 күн мурун
My favorite apex trailers as of November 2020: Season 2 Season 3 Season 7 Season 6 Season 4 Season 1 Season 5
Quantum Phishing
Quantum Phishing 15 күн мурун
Anyone else see octane running the pilot gauntlet?
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada 15 күн мурун
Anyone else see octane playing apex in the beginning lol
Hashri 15 күн мурун
Why does this feel like this was last month time really flies
Gaming with Ash
Gaming with Ash 15 күн мурун
this season was all it took to get me to fall in love with mirages infinite charisma.
Nolan S
Nolan S 15 күн мурун
Mirage:just gotta find the tower down and buy them a drink Crypto:well your looking at him
Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco Uraraka 16 күн мурун
When Respawn uses your favorite song as the soundtrack for their launch trailer
Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco Uraraka 12 күн мурун
@MRDoge21 It's called Devil by Shinedown!
MRDoge21 13 күн мурун
What song is? It’s very cool but I don’t know the name
Razzon 55
Razzon 55 16 күн мурун
"Don't be an idiot." _B O O M_ *"I'M NOT AN IDIOT!!!"*
Getman_Show 16 күн мурун
Привет парни! Оцените мое видео по апекс, хочу продолжать снимать их, может если вам интересно, так же будут стримы на твиче, залетай на канал и смотри
ThatOneNooberax 16 күн мурун
Yeah this was the best season. I kinda hope that they tone the game down a bit. Maybe go a season without a new map/map changes. Olympus is so large that I’m pretty sure it’ll take a while to get used too. I’m also hoping that they add a new mode, like a “classic mode” in which you play on the original version of Kings Canyon and can only play the original eight characters.
Nepemaster 16 күн мурун
Just please tell me someone is also having a brain cancer knowing how when the legends die they revive We can see that in the first trailer and how are clones of the legends
Ix skill 97 ix
Ix skill 97 ix 17 күн мурун
0:31 what other people around me think i am when i press inspect
Brian Lloyd
Brian Lloyd 17 күн мурун
Watching this back it's obvious to see that it's like an augmented version of what you can actually do ingame 😕
fredbear 2332
fredbear 2332 17 күн мурун
i just realized bloodhounds "for Arthur quip in season 7 was in this trailer"
coolpizzaman playz ,
coolpizzaman playz , 17 күн мурун
It was funny when everyone was looking at him
Zero animates
Zero animates 18 күн мурун
0:03 Bloodhound,revenant,crypto,pathfinder,and caustic:😑 Also if your wondering about crypto and path it’s because their finishers involve their tactical
Sarvesh Kharade
Sarvesh Kharade 18 күн мурун
These old trailers were of such high quality. The vibe was too high.
IstaroDintari333 18 күн мурун
I don't really care to play Mirage but I love him as a character. "I'm not an idiot!"
yeet man
yeet man 18 күн мурун
Anyone notice that Korean pillow in crypto's place 0:10
TheRealDepth Gaming
TheRealDepth Gaming 18 күн мурун
We’re these guys trying to make a trailer or an anime opening?
That Elec
That Elec 18 күн мурун
1:13 I love octane in this scene
The Apex Prey
The Apex Prey 18 күн мурун
after watching this 4 season later i noticed that _bloodhound_ sniped _pathfinder_ while on the future _trials_ also this is and will always be the best launch trailer
Nate TheGreat
Nate TheGreat 18 күн мурун
Mirage is definitely the most loved 🤣😂🔥❤️
Dapper raptor
Dapper raptor 19 күн мурун
Fun fact Octane was playing titan fall 2
Jorden Cummings
Jorden Cummings 19 күн мурун
1:43 when you and your friends get serious
Mahan Mashayekhi
Mahan Mashayekhi 19 күн мурун
Why it doesn't work for Iranian? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Elliot Lim
Elliot Lim 20 күн мурун
Season 7 bois
Santiago q
Santiago q 20 күн мурун
La neta qué buena putiza le metieron al octane
Phinehas Zheng
Phinehas Zheng 20 күн мурун
Seems like yesterday
Saber Hg
Saber Hg 20 күн мурун
1:37 Caustic on new map too
Finnybear !
Finnybear ! 20 күн мурун
I love how in the beginning octane is playing titanfall 2 and running the gauntlet
Krazy Glue
Krazy Glue 20 күн мурун
Gotta love when shine down is used, they’re popular but never used for stuff like this. They’re genuinely perfect for this kinda stuff
D!NO 20 күн мурун
I agree
WinterWolf04 20 күн мурун
Love these types of trailers
NOVICE ELITE 20 күн мурун
Make a movie it's money 101
Maddog 21 күн мурун
Man I’m missing this all my friends loved playing back in this season. Such good times that I don’t think we will ever get back 😔
12.7A 21 күн мурун
old man 🤣
Ulices 1224
Ulices 1224 21 күн мурун
XtremeDuoZ 21 күн мурун
Poke 21 күн мурун
i honestly love and hate mirage's personality
STGLegend 21 күн мурун
Cameron Evans
Cameron Evans 21 күн мурун
Man S7 in less then 24h and I loved this trailer
RCD Dom1noZ
RCD Dom1noZ 22 күн мурун
Still the coolest apex trailer by far (even better than season 7 don’t care)
ahmd nuur
ahmd nuur 22 күн мурун
notice that in the beggining octane is just being lonely not talking with the others
ahmd nuur
ahmd nuur 21 күн мурун
@The No One Gamer that makes sensor
The No One Gamer
The No One Gamer 21 күн мурун
@ahmd nuur But he super energetic and likes having fun. So instead of spending time talking. He spent his time playing video games. He is definetly not an introvert
ahmd nuur
ahmd nuur 21 күн мурун
@The No One Gamer thats what i mean he knows he is not good with talking with the others
The No One Gamer
The No One Gamer 21 күн мурун
Bruh he's just playing video games lol
ahmd nuur
ahmd nuur 22 күн мурун
Notice at 0:51 octanes does a random move in the left
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 22 күн мурун
When Crypto calls mirage a old man but is 1 year older than him
mancsi1234 22 күн мурун
i bought the bloodhound edition just to buy this battle pass,i didn't have time to play :/
bing bong
bing bong 22 күн мурун
0:51 who is that on wattson and wraiths team
MrBepisBoi Gaming
MrBepisBoi Gaming 22 күн мурун
who watches this multiple times for the season 3 memories easily the best launch trailer
Richard Samuels
Richard Samuels 22 күн мурун
Im more of a n octane type of guy
ShineRex _YT
ShineRex _YT 23 күн мурун
The best trailer for the best Legend
21 Issa
21 Issa 23 күн мурун
Feel the nostalgia?..
Alexander Chon
Alexander Chon 23 күн мурун
No one mentioned that Crypto basically John Wicked on Gibraltar, Bloodhound and Bangalore?
がんばるくん 23 күн мурун
Not Just An AFRICAN Gamer
Not Just An AFRICAN Gamer 23 күн мурун
Am from the future you guys should see season 20 map it's dope af
José Spring
José Spring 24 күн мурун
Alguien que hable español
DJ Boo
DJ Boo 24 күн мурун
You need to make a tv show
SunBreaker 123
SunBreaker 123 24 күн мурун
0:30 streamers when someone hits 1 shot
Random Person
Random Person 6 күн мурун
KTB Gaming
KTB Gaming 17 күн мурун
Dapper raptor
Dapper raptor 19 күн мурун
That’s a good meme
Jose Angel Rentroia
Jose Angel Rentroia 24 күн мурун
KID is me!!! is the old men!! lmao
こぶら PB NbG_
こぶら PB NbG_ 24 күн мурун
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