Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #6 - North America Finals

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Apex Legends

5 ай мурун

Tune in for the sixth Online Tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series at 5:45 PM PDT! Watch the final 20 teams from across North America battle it out in the Arena for a share of the US $100k prize pool and ALGS Points, used for seeding and placement in upcoming Majors. Find out who has the skill, teamwork, and nerve to become the next living legend and who will get left in the lava pits. Good luck to all our competitors!

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Gabriel 2 күн мурун
Fortnite: Our game is shit but it's all about good looking gameplay in Pro Competitions! Apex Legends: very nice battle royal but you rather watch something else then our Pro competitions... Edit: I've could take Overwatch as an example too but the game is great and the tournaments are fun to watch.
King Shonen
King Shonen 4 күн мурун
Y Justin Gaethje playing apex
minlikestosk8 9 күн мурун
Pooper912 14 күн мурун
Yo how did the first team that died fell 🤨
Cryogames 14 күн мурун
I feel like this game is a better representation of skill as you dont have building like in fort
UltraJack299 16 күн мурун
IFR snake
IFR snake 20 күн мурун
999th comment
Cubing 22 күн мурун
Where was tsm
Sucha Nolife
Sucha Nolife 22 күн мурун
I want to hear team comms. It would make it easier for the commentators too.
buddy yewmp
buddy yewmp 22 күн мурун
I really like watching these tournaments but i wish we could see some variety, only see the same 4 legends every tournament, would like to see other legends played at a high level
Obalis 23 күн мурун
I know its really hard to do stream production on a battle royal game because there is so much going on but it would be really cool to see some things like a screen at the beginning showing all the teams and the characters they are picking or multi perspective fights maybe dividing the screens into 3 pieces to show each teammates perspective during a fight. That being said mad respect to the techs who put all this stuff together 🙏
Troy Szabo
Troy Szabo 24 күн мурун
each person in the game got at least 50 no regs its so sad lmao
Kacy Nunes
Kacy Nunes 28 күн мурун
LOBA! Get that good loot !!
UltraJack299 Ай мурун
Anisa hasna
Anisa hasna Ай мурун
how about tournament apex can't use wraith, wattson, gibby and path? hope i can see more variety tournament apex soon with other legend
ThelVadam Elite
ThelVadam Elite Ай мурун
Wow thanks for ruining apex blm
Musen Ай мурун
buff path b word
Gema Ай мурун
buff path
HeXim Sk
HeXim Sk Ай мурун
2:25:06 R.I.P pathfinder . Now Can scan beacon every Tracker... But i still think he is not underpowered.(my oppinion)
Phillyforestrat 2 ай мурун
They took the twitch streamer out real quick lol. Stay in your lane
Prfction Music
Prfction Music 2 ай мурун
60fps for switch! Please! Please! Please! 😂
ThiccyFerb 2 ай мурун
Buff path
Strat Bran
Strat Bran 2 ай мурун
apex lejens
Never nothing Always
Never nothing Always 2 ай мурун
We controller players are just as strong as you PC’s
Harsh Last
Harsh Last 2 ай мурун
James Alitagtag
James Alitagtag 2 ай мурун
Dude The NRG pathfinder ended the 1st match like a true man
WaterIsReallyCool 2 ай мурун
His head is brighter than my future...
Santiago Rosenberg
Santiago Rosenberg 2 ай мурун
Pro pleyer 💪😄
Satoru Cinematic Gaming / სატორუ გოჯო
Satoru Cinematic Gaming / სატორუ გოჯო 2 ай мурун
Subscripe me please
Kris Dunlap
Kris Dunlap 3 ай мурун
Disclaimer: I'm saying this as a former Pathfinder main so my opinion is a little biased. I think they took Pathfinder and put him right in the trash can. That ult charge buff when scanning recon beacons feels like a pity buff. If the other recon classes can do what he does is there really any reason to pick him now? I'm still gonna play him because I like his design and personality but it's painful to be a Pathy player right now!
[] ItsTXC []
[] ItsTXC [] 3 ай мурун
staydatie 3 ай мурун
these frames ...
everySadboy 3 ай мурун
We need "drone cameras"
Marc Taylor
Marc Taylor 3 ай мурун
Why is the gameplay laggy AF on here?
Issac Montes
Issac Montes 3 ай мурун
i wish apex games were more like this not sweaty but not have everybody dead by the first circle close lol
head trip industries - [A minor]
head trip industries - [A minor] 3 ай мурун
steel : 2500° F glass : 2700° F "comodoro rivadavia" - [formal user of a ship] ______________________ '...good luck...'
Royal Beats11
Royal Beats11 3 ай мурун
Oooommmggggg do the commentators ever SHUT UUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!
The BenC
The BenC 3 ай мурун
Kick the announcer with horrible audio please.
Bakkwood kidd
Bakkwood kidd 3 ай мурун
Hopefully Apex still lit to when I switch over to xbox this new gen and I'm able to get into these tournaments.😩I was beast on ps4 back in season 1-3 before my internet was ass.
LWKGD 3 ай мурун
Dont put politics into apex tourneys. Cops found out George Floyd's death wasnt even race related already it's old news now the only people still pushing that narrative are 1, TRYING to create MORE of a divide or 2, just ignore all the evidence and video proof out there showing that his death had nothing to do with that cops knee. And to play devils advocate EVEN if it was (which it wasnt) even if it WAS racist (which it wasnt) it still has no right here especially pushing a political agenda here. What about all the other half of the world that arent agreeing with your views that watch this are you gonna say fuck you to all of them? Anyways. Statistics show that real RACIST cop killings are at not only an ALL TIME low but have also not been more then like 1/1000000 which is incredibly small it isnt even an actual "issue" like the media likes to portray theres way too many other issues that are actually relevant and matter in America and other countries that would be so much more important to talk about. This honestly made me start off already disliking this. Skipping to the actual gameplay which is what everyone clicked on this video FOR. Not fucking politics. So keep it the fuck out of this games competitive scene.
LWKGD 3 ай мурун
I came here to escape the politics tones in every freaking aspect of our lives nowadays all over the media everywhere you look please for the love of all that is good keep POLITICS FAR THE FUCK AWAY from videogames.
mustafa k
mustafa k 3 ай мурун
what an pussy gameplay man i dont see crazy stuff they all afraid to pushh
chansethomas 3 ай мурун
Alot of these pros try to copy other pros with the wingman and they suck with it, should stay to there main guns to get better damage and downs
E Aaa
E Aaa 3 ай мурун
I want to hear team comms. It would make it easier for the commentators too.
Brayden Richardson
Brayden Richardson 3 ай мурун
1:21:27 - 1:27:29 homi spoke enchantment table
Anthony Tello
Anthony Tello 4 ай мурун
1:15:20 So I watch live tournaments quite often, from Apex to OW to Madden. Anything really, turn it on when I'm doing something or even just to tune in. I become quite familiar with some names and players but just the names. Does anyone know the backstory of Monsoon and him being homeless? It was really awesome to hear that he's been able to overcome his struggles to now be playing professional esports.
Blörgus Feörgus
Blörgus Feörgus 4 ай мурун
Raynday is so well spoken I want him for president
Xav Char
Xav Char 4 ай мурун
I wonder if there were any mirages
Jawnin 4 ай мурун
As a controller player I will say I think aim assist can be too strong at really close range. It sometimes messes me up when I have 2 targets in my face and I'm trying to kill the one that's lower
diamode playz
diamode playz 4 ай мурун
You nerf wraith
diamode playz
diamode playz 4 ай мурун
Apex you actually need wraith
Naazneen Baghas
Naazneen Baghas 4 ай мурун
Guys when are we getting servers in Africa...
Edwin leonardo Figueroa nochez
Edwin leonardo Figueroa nochez 4 ай мурун
Version espanol tambien
Edwin leonardo Figueroa nochez
Edwin leonardo Figueroa nochez 4 ай мурун
Haganlo version Latina tambien o subtitulen
Kjertinge 4 ай мурун
That commentators laggin voice lmao. His voice breaks up so much 😭
CJ 4 ай мурун
The narrators are not as interesting as hearing the coms. Also the camera view is switched so often like they have ADD or something. It really wouldn’t be that hard to allow people to choose a team or pov as needed. Rather watch the whole thing from one team’s pov, switching to the team that kills them if they die. As opposed to them trying to show you all 60 people at once team while they put a map in your face whenever they decide.
Chad Davis
Chad Davis 4 ай мурун
Mr.Spirit Sear
Mr.Spirit Sear 4 ай мурун
Thx for lags video
mawz0e low
mawz0e low 4 ай мурун
Nrg is trash now
Inferno 4 ай мурун
2:40:47 = bookmark
Lucas Gluchowski
Lucas Gluchowski 4 ай мурун
Why do they have 0 recoil
Leikeize 4 ай мурун
That’ why they are pros
Smital S
Smital S 4 ай мурун
Gamecrook seems to be the I think only real website for coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc..
Zynos GD
Zynos GD 4 ай мурун
Me, a crypto main: *sees a crypto in a team* The team: *dies first* Also me: *sobs*
DomThePerson 3 ай мурун
I wish we'd see some more diversity other than just gibby, wraith, wattson and path and I'm also a crypto min and that killed me inside
jstn 3 ай мурун
DFSEmpire is the metta wrath pathfinder gibratler and wattsin??
DFSEmpire 4 ай мурун
JAMES COBURN 4 ай мурун
DFSEmpire yeah, that’s really annoying. In japan they are starting to run wraith caustic and rev
DFSEmpire 4 ай мурун
I wish to see people play more that just the meta 4 characters
jazz meen
jazz meen 4 ай мурун
GameCrook is the best website for free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc..
Leikeize 4 ай мурун
Seems you have improved on the scam format congrats
Beast Nation Gaming
Beast Nation Gaming 4 ай мурун
I really like watching these tournaments but i wish we could see some variety, only see the same 4 legends every tournament, would like to see other legends played at a high level
Christian Turner
Christian Turner 4 ай мурун
Dude looks like a black nadeshot
cpzwolak 4 ай мурун
IsaacExists 4 ай мурун
Is the prize pool per person?
Soddenline189 4 ай мурун
pls make it so you can crouch and crawl over death boxes. i am so done with getting stuck. i literally just lost a 20 bomb game cause i got stuck. 19 kills SMH :(
Ellolpro 5 ай мурун
slow mo...
scalySTy 5 ай мурун
EA please add a complaint for afk to the game
samuel t
samuel t 5 ай мурун
Andraz Prelec
Andraz Prelec 5 ай мурун
dillydoe 5 ай мурун
54:13 wraith out in the open, getting shot at - no hits connect. People who main wraith: just aim better... Bro, if these pros struggle to hit wraith then yeah she deserves the nerfs. (I mean she has a long cool down and is kinda all right atm, but is still just impossible to hit) And characters like crypto, mirage, Loba and Bangalore deserve buffs... These legends are nowhere near the pro scene and wraith dominates this and normal ranked.
dillydoe 5 ай мурун
@FastRun29 and things like: his drone scan range should be further, he can't really spot anyone...
dillydoe 5 ай мурун
@FastRun29 I main crypto, he could do with a few buffs... Especially since a few nerfs and buffs just got introduced to other characters that make playing crypto more difficult... Like Watson's nerf, yeah no one is gonna play her now lol and the revenant buff... He's really strong and crypto cannot do anything about that... That's why I think crypto's EMP should affect things like a set off caustic trap, Gibraltar's shield and people in revenant ult. Like it should disable (not destroy) caustic's traps that are set off for 10 seconds, and disable Gibraltar's shield for 6 seconds (the shield goes transparent) and people in rev ult become normal again for 10 seconds, then the thing that was disabled, the activation of the caustic trap/shield/death protection was simply paused so it carries on for whatever time was left when the 10/6 seconds is up.
FastRun29 5 ай мурун
Crypto imo is fine if you know how to use him
Mac1ovin 5 ай мурун
Where is Lulu nrg?
Its Telixo
Its Telixo 5 ай мурун
Why they put the Asian dude in front of the crypto drone
Charles Bostock
Charles Bostock 5 ай мурун
2:03:16 small pk😂
Charles Bostock
Charles Bostock 5 ай мурун
1:13:49 Is that a new flatline skin?
Charles Bostock
Charles Bostock 5 ай мурун
One of the most aggressive algs games I have ever seen
Har STN 5 ай мурун
Crazy to think how Rogue has both Rogue and NRG in his username, but plays on neither teams XD
Rea Sanka
Rea Sanka 4 ай мурун
his entire purpose is to bamboozel the caster.
Chompski 5 ай мурун
1:46:45 when you try to be smart but end up doesnt make any sense. No wraith players play the same, proceed to explain how Monsoon is better at finding a moment to enter fight than other wraiths. Are you talking about one particular skill which is finding opening or their playstyle?
ホイップクリームC 5 ай мурун
Its_ moneyyy
Its_ moneyyy 5 ай мурун
New character soundtrack sounds good
Malachi Barnes
Malachi Barnes 5 ай мурун
Apex Legends is so trash
Wieland Nobel-Kau
Wieland Nobel-Kau 5 ай мурун
Any words about the next map take over??
AramBamari 5 ай мурун
Well what about the new event? I want new heirloom
Goolam Bhai
Goolam Bhai 5 ай мурун
Ffs respawn can you fix your damn servers! I can't even play a game for 2 mins wothout getting kicked
Emiljano Emiljano
Emiljano Emiljano 5 ай мурун
Im still waiting for pathfinder nerf
Kevin Mendoza
Kevin Mendoza 5 ай мурун
M Fajri
M Fajri 5 ай мурун
I Want to Complicate Why When I Want to Rank Rank I am Platinum and Fight Against My Rank Predator, The Name Is Not Fair Everytime I Want Ranking My Opponent is the Most Difficult, Sometimes I Fight with Diamonds and Predators and Masters That's All !! Please Change My Trouble To Play !!
NosoyBruno 5 ай мурун
Is there any ps4 tournament?
Nathaniel Crowley
Nathaniel Crowley 5 ай мурун
Can you add an heirloom for Bangalore for Bangalore mains like me?
head trip industries - [A minor]
head trip industries - [A minor] 5 ай мурун
Alessandro Riccio
Alessandro Riccio 5 ай мурун
Bring disruptor back pls
Dhanesh Maharaj
Dhanesh Maharaj 5 ай мурун
Hi Apex Legends your my second fav game and why did you copy a movie pathfinder/Baymax
Erik Gaming 1003
Erik Gaming 1003 5 ай мурун
I love that Jayla is here
Chunky Funky Monky
Chunky Funky Monky 5 ай мурун
I wonder what the new heirloom is... Any ideas?
Loba Andrade
Loba Andrade 5 ай мурун
Apex pls do a path story
T-Pose Kid
T-Pose Kid 5 ай мурун
1:46:27 that spin tho
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy 5 ай мурун
3:01:45 why aren't they healing???
No u
No u 5 ай мурун
Grant TTM_InvisPotion
Grant TTM_InvisPotion 5 ай мурун
Dude u guys gotta step ur game up there has been no events or any new content in over a month
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