Apex Legends - Fight or Fright Collection Event Trailer

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Apex Legends

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Darkness descends on Kings Canyon with the Fight or Fright Collection Event! Experience Kings Canyon at night as you jump into an exciting new limited-time mode, Shadowfall, where a mysterious figure delivers his warped version of the Apex games, which turns fallen Legends into the undead. Plus, score spookily cool cosmetics and more when you join the shadows!
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Vanessa Morales
Vanessa Morales 10 күн мурун
Path x wraith
The Emerald Minecart
The Emerald Minecart 15 күн мурун
At 0:36 you can see reverent, this means they were teasing us of reverent before apex legends season 4 came out.
Lingo Kim
Lingo Kim 14 күн мурун
Uuuuhhhh.........ok........ We all know that ahem....... 😐😐😐😐
flipfloper 64
flipfloper 64 23 күн мурун
Why didnt they bring shadow fall back,
White Crown Prince
White Crown Prince 24 күн мурун
This year's hollowen event sucked ass I want solo survival horror again not this bull shit team shit.
Mark 1991
Mark 1991 24 күн мурун
The rush you felt when you was going for the drop ship....good times....
Eric Tanjaya
Eric Tanjaya 24 күн мурун
I miss this LTM where the whole world are against you. Its more intense than the current LTM haha
JUAN VALERA 26 күн мурун
They revealed revenant before season 4 which means lobas parents were already dead couse revenant was in the games
Techy 25 күн мурун
Bruh that happened 30 years before apex
Shatterstar 26 күн мурун
Better days. Better days.
Tobi Dada
Tobi Dada 26 күн мурун
0:42 my favorite path line
Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott 26 күн мурун
Damn revenant your not spooky
ODG YT 26 күн мурун
Pathfinder has so many great one liners here but it’s sad that none are in the game
Brave Leo
Brave Leo 28 күн мурун
Who is here after 1 year
carpina and I
carpina and I 27 күн мурун
Helloooooo /\*_*/\ enjoy your swing bro
OTG Vespine
OTG Vespine 28 күн мурун
I wish they brought this one back 😔
KwispyWaffles 28 күн мурун
Bravo Tango 7274
Bravo Tango 7274 28 күн мурун
Ha, and now it’s back
CyberTray 29 күн мурун
Season 3: Mystery man talks to Pathfinder Season 6: Hello again *Revenant*
Angel Fluffy
Angel Fluffy 28 күн мурун
Thomas Pena
Thomas Pena 29 күн мурун
I wish this mode would come back The good times of me and my friends teaming with like 2 other teams and fortifying in a house as Wattson with them
FJG 29 күн мурун
Who’s here in 2020 when this event is back?
La Calle Es Nuestra_Canal
La Calle Es Nuestra_Canal 29 күн мурун
Lo que fortnite añadio en hallowen tmr porque copian es chevere todo pero nose porque se copian
Babygingy4 Ай мурун
Jeez they take Halloween the holocaust ok not that they take Halloween like nazi zombies
hhii Ай мурун
@Babygingy4 don't worry we're all crazy😂
Babygingy4 Ай мурун
@hhii ik I am just I crazy kid
hhii Ай мурун
Revenant Ай мурун
This is much better than the new one
hhii 29 күн мурун
I agree it is more fun
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 29 күн мурун
Game Player Levi
Game Player Levi Ай мурун
This was a fun event, i enjoyed it while it lasted.
SniperFlash421 Ай мурун
Who thinks that this shadow fall mode is 1000x better than the current one?
Samuquelhp63 13 күн мурун
@Dijon Samuda Nah, this one was pretty lame. The other one tho :0
Dijon Samuda
Dijon Samuda 14 күн мурун
That one sucked was this one is better
Samuquelhp63 Ай мурун
I do
Cristofer Carrión
Cristofer Carrión Ай мурун
apex: I upload halloween video to have more views and with a purple theme like fog Fortnite: That we copy the idea says
Angel S
Angel S Ай мурун
Breakingpoint Ай мурун
This is way better than Shadow royale
The Man Behind The Slaughter
The Man Behind The Slaughter Ай мурун
You obviously actually played shadowfall then
Youlikejazz?27 Ай мурун
I love how they made this event into lore. #Pathfinder
InTheSkyy Ай мурун
my recommended in 2020:
Дмитрий Дягерев
Дмитрий Дягерев Ай мурун
Shadowfall the best
Дмитрий Дягерев
Дмитрий Дягерев Ай мурун
Nostalgy this is better than shadow royalle trash
Sami Siddiqui
Sami Siddiqui Ай мурун
Keruto xD
Keruto xD Ай мурун
Captain Critter
Captain Critter Ай мурун
This just popped into my recommendations, anyone else?
Tide Pods
Tide Pods Ай мурун
Little did they know, pathfinder is cracked.
BamboozleBTW Ай мурун
I was kinda hoping they would have this and shadow royale but I’m not complaining the new mode is tons of fun yet I was a bot and never got a win as a legend and I only got wins as shadow but I just love doing finishers as a shadow in the new event and protecting teammates it makes me feel good
Under Games
Under Games Ай мурун
Looking back at this after the new Fight or Fright trailer. If they added wallrun to the shadows here, the fear is real.
Logica1 Mi5fits
Logica1 Mi5fits Ай мурун
The 2nd time around the game mode wasn’t as good and the recolors where meh but I mean good try respawn...I liked the original even more
GreenWolf 1904
GreenWolf 1904 Ай мурун
Who’s here in the 2020 fight or fright
Radioactive Society
Radioactive Society Ай мурун
Than the new one
Radioactive Society
Radioactive Society Ай мурун
I enjoyed this event better
jifaidbu Ай мурун
Best gamemode ever
mylzers Ай мурун
hhii Ай мурун
I'm going to miss you Shadow fall😞
Delore4n1 Ай мурун
1 year later
Delore4n1 Ай мурун
1 year later
Anthony Bardales Mas
Anthony Bardales Mas Ай мурун
Fun fact: Fortnite literally copied this event
The Man Behind The Slaughter
The Man Behind The Slaughter Ай мурун
@David Aguilera ortiz kind of, but not really, warzone's halloween game mode is more shadow royale than shadowfall.
David Aguilera ortiz
David Aguilera ortiz Ай мурун
And call of duty warzone
dodgey YT
dodgey YT Ай мурун
true fact
TheGreatNexus 420
TheGreatNexus 420 Ай мурун
1 year later, we got Shadow Fall Royale EPIC.
Baldito Hashshashin
Baldito Hashshashin Ай мурун
after a year, I'm still waiting for that music so good that it starts in 0:40
Giovanni Thorps
Giovanni Thorps Ай мурун
Who Is here On the Day Where The 2nd Fight or Fright Begins?
XMARSALAX ! Ай мурун
Fortnite: (look at this) I think I'm going to copy it
Cayson Damaris
Cayson Damaris Ай мурун
Who is here because of the second Halloween trailer?
Zeak 08
Zeak 08 Ай мурун
Pibes vengo del futuro y fortnite les va a copiar el evento
ooferdrive Ай мурун
wait whats going on
Santiago alex Q.
Santiago alex Q. Ай мурун
recolor moment
TheHopeAfter Ай мурун
Who's here after the new Fight or Fright reveal
BusteR XR
BusteR XR Ай мурун
Me: its only on 2019 2020: wrong answer
noure hi
noure hi Ай мурун
Stop Fortnite zombies copy hate
Ananthi Bala
Ananthi Bala Ай мурун
@BusteR XR oh ok
BusteR XR
BusteR XR Ай мурун
BusteR XR
BusteR XR Ай мурун
Apex is better than fn cuz it dont copy
Ananthi Bala
Ananthi Bala Ай мурун
@BusteR XR #fortniterocks
BusteR XR
BusteR XR Ай мурун
Zavala Boone Angel Raúl
Zavala Boone Angel Raúl Ай мурун
Ta' chido el nuevo evento de fortnite
Rolando Guantay
Rolando Guantay Ай мурун
Ni siquiera tiene sentido
Rolando Guantay
Rolando Guantay Ай мурун
No sabia que los albañiles podían ser sombras
DeadTon1c Ай мурун
OmegaDaBoi Ай мурун
OmegaDaBoi Ай мурун
@Rolando Guantay they did lol
Juicy Gaming
Juicy Gaming Ай мурун
@Rolando Guantay yup and warzone too
Rolando Guantay
Rolando Guantay Ай мурун
Alejandro Neris
Alejandro Neris Ай мурун
Can you guys sue epic games cause there copying your idea's they need to be. Stopped
Ananthi Bala
Ananthi Bala Ай мурун
Oh boo hoo hoo apex kid there is no copyright around this thing and apex copied halo's halloween mode and warzone also copied apex, everybody has done this shadow infection thing before, it's not new. The world doesn't work like you think kid
ofooda Ай мурун
Well boo hoo
Pietro Pietro Antônio santos olivera
Pietro Pietro Antônio santos olivera Ай мурун
Run Run
#1234567890 lol XD
#1234567890 lol XD Ай мурун
Bruh fornite copio esto xD
Mr. Chill
Mr. Chill Ай мурун
Who's here after The Second Fight or Fright
pilkers2 Ай мурун
Omg shut up I bet this annoying repetitive comment will get thousands of likes
samsa 638
samsa 638 Ай мурун
Im in new halloween cheeeeck
Master9 Ай мурун
I cant wait till thursday, those skins look awesome
Spaghetti Meatballs
Spaghetti Meatballs Ай мурун
This video is in my recommendation right after seeing them saying the event is back
Pengu Ай мурун
- TheHunter -
- TheHunter - Ай мурун
Who else came back from the new trailer?
Bill Harker
Bill Harker Ай мурун
You will fear the shadow!
Cesar Floppy
Cesar Floppy Ай мурун
Soy del futuro xd
R̷I̷D̷D̷I̷M̷ K̷I̷N̷G̷
R̷I̷D̷D̷I̷M̷ K̷I̷N̷G̷ Ай мурун
*i'm here after a New halloween event trailer*
Natalie Orozco (Student)
Natalie Orozco (Student) Ай мурун
When you watch something late and you don't know what to say
Asomecraft55 Ай мурун
So glad the event is back
Semih Sahin
Semih Sahin 22 күн мурун
And now its gone):
Clawz Gaming
Clawz Gaming Ай мурун
who's here after the new fight or fright event trailer just dropped!!!
A S Ай мурун
Who's here after they announced its comeback??
Mrzombie15 Mrbanana15
Mrzombie15 Mrbanana15 22 күн мурун
Adrian Arango
Adrian Arango 23 күн мурун
Yeah I'm still here
It’s .gabe2x
It’s .gabe2x Ай мурун
Anyone comeback after seeing the season 6 shadow
Wharthogbreath 002
Wharthogbreath 002 Ай мурун
Fate has brought you back...
Livekidsboy5000 Ай мурун
Hell yeah
Yaboi Nooby
Yaboi Nooby Ай мурун
Its that time of year again bois!
Shark Tiger
Shark Tiger Ай мурун
Who's here after this same event and no new legendary skins in 2020?
Jaden Maturino
Jaden Maturino Ай мурун
I came back to this trailer after watching the new halloween event trailer this year, oh the memories of being scared while playing...
Lord Killzono
Lord Killzono Ай мурун
Who's here after the second fright or fight trailer
Sergio Iporre
Sergio Iporre Ай мурун
Who's watching this before the event of 2020?
Viktor NoFvce
Viktor NoFvce Ай мурун
Halloween 2020?
Vladimir Alejandro Canul Cortez
Vladimir Alejandro Canul Cortez Ай мурун
Shadow royale is coming this weekend guys!
Kevin Lightning
Kevin Lightning Ай мурун
We need this but on worlds edge!!!
Cxrey Ай мурун
James WB03
James WB03 Ай мурун
Please release the trailer for this year's one!
Cult Classics
Cult Classics Ай мурун
0:46 “We all wear costumes to hide who we rrrrrrr”
Prime 3k
Prime 3k Ай мурун
Akkhand Rajpoot
Akkhand Rajpoot Ай мурун
This was the best mode ever😍😍
Yo its your boi confident
Yo its your boi confident Ай мурун
Who is watching in season 6 because you miss this mode
Marcos Ай мурун
Damn boi time for playing again?
Giorgio La Marca
Giorgio La Marca Ай мурун
Why am i getting this recommended around halloween time? they are up to something...
TobMed Ай мурун
1 year
Subscribe plz
Subscribe plz Ай мурун
This is the best ltm that apex ever had
Keagen Percival
Keagen Percival 28 күн мурун
UwU VwV Ай мурун
Ah good old days, Well the game is still good
Feck Kathleen
Feck Kathleen Ай мурун
I cant believe they'll be making this game mode squads instead of solos... Not only would have been a fun way to add a solo non competitive option, but it also takes away from the scary factor, since your gonna be with your teamates all the time.
Estebn Jimez
Estebn Jimez Ай мурун
Men, i really mis them, plis give them back :c
Olivia sanchez
Olivia sanchez Ай мурун
1 year year lets go
Telefennz Games
Telefennz Games Ай мурун
2019:ok buen modo ojala este en el siguiente año 2020:Como que paso un año del trailer de helloween y todabia no sale!
Сука блять
Сука блять Ай мурун
Who's being recommend this right before this event is about to be released again?
Supah Suit
Supah Suit Ай мурун
I’m a little disappointed that this year’s event won’t be this game mode
Andrew Ай мурун
seeing gameplay of the shadows is giving me PTSD
Loba Andere
Loba Andere Ай мурун
One year later shadow royale
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