Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection Event Trailer

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Apex Legends

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Dive into cross-play beta, take on the “Flashpoint” limited-time mode, and unlock up to 24 Event-Limited items! Learn More
Cross-play beta is here, along with the Aftermarket Collection Event. In the new “Flashpoint” LTM there are no shield or health pickups. Instead, you'll regain health in Flashpoint zones. Just don’t stay too long, there will be plenty of other squads closing in fast. Take on challenges to earn exclusive rewards, and visit the store to unlock up to 24 Event-Limited items. Get the entire collection to call yourself a champ and unlock the new Caustic Heirloom. It’s going to be a hell of a ride!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.
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ASIANKIDwGAMES 18 саат мурун
Jeremy Speager
Jeremy Speager 3 күн мурун
Thomas the train Watson
Stephen Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong 4 күн мурун
Joshua Bustamante
Joshua Bustamante 5 күн мурун
How it already one month
Arkinplayzyt 10 күн мурун
Is ea and reaspawn now see meme gods
Shenoah Pounders
Shenoah Pounders 11 күн мурун
Void Prowler Skin,Skin Info:perfect for cat memes 😂🤣😂
Agya Hernanto
Agya Hernanto 14 күн мурун
I gotta be honest idk why tho but, rampart stick with ur indian accent and don't steal any british slangs. Thats not how it works.
Akarui Sky
Akarui Sky 16 күн мурун
The beginning commercial shows someone being sadisticly murdered and flexed on.
Nabskull 16 күн мурун
I missed out on the Rev skin I'm so upsetti spaghetti
i got some jelly beans.
i got some jelly beans. 17 күн мурун
Poor underpaid editor
pathfinder- Hi friends!
pathfinder- Hi friends! 18 күн мурун
"RSN" now that's a club name for me
Quel Davis
Quel Davis 20 күн мурун
Can we please get a black guy on the game
Co0l Gurl
Co0l Gurl 24 күн мурун
Co0l Gurl
Co0l Gurl 22 күн мурун
@Mc Poop yea
Mc Poop
Mc Poop 22 күн мурун
@Co0l Gurl did kills and wins actually count toward your trackers?
Co0l Gurl
Co0l Gurl 22 күн мурун
@Mc Poop lame
Mc Poop
Mc Poop 22 күн мурун
@Co0l Gurl I personally didn't like it
Co0l Gurl
Co0l Gurl 22 күн мурун
@Mc Poop yea easy dubs
zach newman
zach newman 25 күн мурун
i have a question for caustic does he have a tracker that shows his body like the octane and rampart trackers
Nick Hutton
Nick Hutton 26 күн мурун
Rampart: take it away underpaid editor! Editor: this chick spittin' !
Ur_mUm 26 күн мурун
revenant: 1:25 I AM butifull me:Yes you are! my boi
Radical 28 күн мурун
Wait is she indian ..haha that's cool
Tisham Tushin
Tisham Tushin 29 күн мурун
I thought revnent would say "iiiii ammmmm the nightmare but,he said iiii ammm beautifulll...xD
Tizzy 29 күн мурун
Can you pleas bring back the sonic boom octane skin pleas I did not get a chance to buy that but I really want it😭
A_Random_Nerd Ай мурун
Flashpoint was such an ass mode ngl
Heyboiz Letsgooo
Heyboiz Letsgooo Ай мурун
I A M...... B E A U T I F U L Your beautiful? Well you might be of used to me yet.
Doritos1488 Ай мурун
Does anyone know name of the song ?
Revenant Ай мурун
I love when games don't take them self to seriously like just look at those skin descriptions Cost: 5000 souls Great for memes
Odinez Ай мурун
Wraith still had her Naruto run in this trailer even though this is the patch it was removed.
my profile picture is an orange
my profile picture is an orange Ай мурун
Theres a limit to editing rampart
Houston A
Houston A Ай мурун
Its funny how she put on octanes half man half car and on Wraiths skin Perfect for Cat Memes 😂
iMuzik3 Ай мурун
"Hunt people down and destroy them, just like a normal housecat." 😂
M V Ай мурун
"perfect for cat memes" Such a missed opportunity there.
Nanang Fatchurrochman
Nanang Fatchurrochman Ай мурун
From where I call her beatiful?
lllMAD KINGlll
lllMAD KINGlll Ай мурун
Revenant, "I am beautiful"... wow. was that a joke or scary moment...lol
Lubbock Ай мурун
I’ve been grinding the past 2 weeks for crafting metals and I won’t be able to buy the skin I want tomorrow it ends and I doubt these will come back anytime soon
Brian Geigner
Brian Geigner Ай мурун
liberty hangout
Logan Langford
Logan Langford Ай мурун
The skin info is great
Eduardo Carmine
Eduardo Carmine Ай мурун
Wiktor_skate Ай мурун
Can it be said that it is an octane event?
Mr. Goose
Mr. Goose Ай мурун
Is it only Xbox, ps4 and origion?
Mr. Goose
Mr. Goose Ай мурун
Dora The_Explora
Dora The_Explora Ай мурун
It’s weird that we have a Rampart event but no Rampart skin
smart dragon_YT
smart dragon_YT Ай мурун
Pls pls pls relaese my life apex in Android pls pls pls pls pls
29 Ай мурун
"Underpaid editor".......Rampart???
Vanessa Albuja
Vanessa Albuja Ай мурун
espera espera yo tengo apex pero me sorprendo que aiga una arma para caustin osea queee
ECHO Ай мурун
Apex KGpost channel: yes My wallet: No.
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme Ай мурун
1:08 you have no idea how much I want that Watson skin
Flossing Boy21
Flossing Boy21 Ай мурун
1:25 is amazing I am beautiful
ضياء محمد كر يز
ضياء محمد كر يز Ай мурун
ضياء محمد كر يز
Rian Harapeko
Rian Harapeko Ай мурун
Bloodhound'r Enter the game, for real dude, love this game❤️❤️❤️💯
MLKU'S Clues
MLKU'S Clues Ай мурун
"Take it away underpaid editor" Best line in this whole vid
JesuCristo3005 Ай мурун
Todos los parches nerfean a wraith, la quieren quitar del juego o que?
Devon Scott
Devon Scott Ай мурун
Can I join a tummet
Robert E.O
Robert E.O Ай мурун
*I bought all the items*
Pj Mack
Pj Mack Ай мурун
SHR3DD3R btw
SHR3DD3R btw Ай мурун
Iron man: I am iron man Thanos: I am inevitable Revenant: I AM BOOOOTIFUULLLLLLLLLLLLL
SHN SHR3DD3Rbtw Ай мурун
Shizogamer 97
Shizogamer 97 Ай мурун
kgpost.info/will/video/p6CsrXeAtadngZY apex
julian Palacios
julian Palacios Ай мурун
The Watson skin is THICC luckly I got it.
Mickster Media
Mickster Media Ай мурун
It’s sooooooo expensive can you please lower the price around the market place or like have a sale every once in awhile
Jamzani Jantan
Jamzani Jantan Ай мурун
"Underpaid editor" 😂😂 nooo Rampart why you gotta do that to the person
Xosmik Ай мурун
Damm caustic now can bonk the shet out of the legend
Javi2koldd Ай мурун
What am I supposed to do to earn point of how to last long in the thing
gamertretre Ай мурун
Me to my wallet:sorry little one
Isan Agrawal
Isan Agrawal Ай мурун
R u guys ever planning to come on mobile platform
B&B nation
B&B nation Ай мурун
nobody: wraith: perfect for cat memes 0:36
Felix servertron
Felix servertron Ай мурун
This is epic af... More
Milk and choco Youtube Channel
Milk and choco Youtube Channel Ай мурун
The game has entered Indonesi?
BukaKEK Ай мурун
When is this game coming to steam? I can't wait to delete origin.
Benjamin GIBBS
Benjamin GIBBS Ай мурун
The octane was my favorite
Elijah Mangure
Elijah Mangure Ай мурун
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Ай мурун
remove the bug in apex so that the player does not move to the next game
0815InvaderZim Ай мурун
Caustic needs a buff tho 👹
Elijah Mangure
Elijah Mangure Ай мурун
SPEEDer Ай мурун
Imagine stealing comments like you stealing loot from a dead enemy your teammate killed.
Matheus Santana
Matheus Santana Ай мурун
Reveneat should say I am ur dad
TGArcher 720
TGArcher 720 Ай мурун
I hate rampart
Elijah Mangure
Elijah Mangure Ай мурун
Alexsandr Senaviev
Alexsandr Senaviev Ай мурун
You know what would be sick as hell, if they add one of the pilots from titan fall or titan fall 2 as a legend, am I wrong?
Sammm Jod
Sammm Jod Ай мурун
Apex denvelopers i have tbe best buff or nerf for path basicly what u could do is u could make another tactical is that make path deploy little ziplines and dow his zipline range u may be asking why it easy because playerd need movement and 35 seconds its to much soo just think about it if h want more info about other legends u can email me samiljosediaz@gmail. Com
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Apex will have to play all up keep of Sony and Xbox T he law says so. Do to c Ross play t h ate y Sony said th ey. Knew ea would sticcccccccck them
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
The even says under the right condition they can give you the virus because they didn’t think you would fix it
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
The says you got buy any thing the say they need just one virus and they can like lie because of continuous uses they don’t have to need it now and you will have to pay for it
My Lullaby
My Lullaby Ай мурун
Here’s to hoping that Bangalore’s heirloom is a tactical shovel
Major Dragz
Major Dragz Ай мурун
Hey guys I stream apex! I would love to meet some new friends that play apex because I just started streaming it ! Please help me! I’m trying to persue streaming !
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Oh and pls do comics or comic strips like the disk in stores you would git skins quips in it. It could help lore just so skin Make sense. Or full comic. Pls open with. A titen pilot The has all classes half way so he doesn’t need his titen ultimate set are all ready in titen fall pls no titen ultimates it’s not a good move it suck in titen fall it will be even less effective in apex they would have to cheat just git kills you kno it I kno it
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
The comic should help with with cross up keep over head cus nobody’s ever going buy enough apex packs to keep up with the crash’s coming so try to be real about the lawsuit Sony and Xbox is going have from cross play
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Oh I forgot the ultimate also. Stop the death couter they. Are. Show n at. The e Nd. Of the. Ultimate a. Nd. You. Ca. Nt see. Ur teammates damage you can only were they are
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Ping quips when someone pings you the cry out the quip/last words and again or just when your in ear shot. This and my legend could be used to fix some network sound problems aka the incounter range/footsteps issue and math on Dps counter
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Stealth. Legend an. Angel of death,Dead Silence passives sound deadner no sound when fireing guns tac dash flyt 90ft stops fall and u can jump when using it also you git high speed slide and wall. Clime ultimate deploy two birds with sound deadner. This shares the passive with team. They all can still hear if drones are destroyed the ultimate ends heirloom metorhammer. Build she has a ftl deflecter with a sound deadner mod so she floats.
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Like dead silence I port. Chagies
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Her name dead silence should be In Arabic for mystic maybe a Different lag. Depending on how it sounds her. Lore. Is she is an titen hunt ie she hunts outlaw titens her deflecter is her defense/weapon she turns. It. Down for the. Games
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
I. Have a legendary shin idea Known hacker she will be Arabian it avoid black face because the skin has half her one legend and the other half is a different legend and her drone are the same but males
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
I mean no sound in passive the field size so thoalde do have sound unless ultimate is active
Ott One
Ott One Ай мурун
Birds are man size they how her ftl is so small
HP_ Lito
HP_ Lito Ай мурун
Can you please add keyboard and mouse on Consol
I like anime
I like anime Ай мурун
Things i would Love seeing in apex devotion care r-99 ground loot transfering legend tokens for crafting materials
Patrick Boucas
Patrick Boucas Ай мурун
Apex will only be good with solo Change my mind
Łimit Apex
Łimit Apex Ай мурун
HEY i suggest make a dual finisher 2 person finishing 1 person (Sorry for bad grammar)
Gabriele Anselmo
Gabriele Anselmo Ай мурун
I AM 💘💝💖💗💓💞💕BEAUTIFUL💘💝💖💗💓💞💕
floating holow
floating holow Ай мурун
Bro you guys need to fix path he’s unplayable
floating holow
floating holow Ай мурун
@pilkers2 they fixed him
pilkers2 Ай мурун
No he’s not
Layla Storm
Layla Storm Ай мурун
cool apex
Flo On Top
Flo On Top Ай мурун
I really like the update and I’m having slot of fun but will their be keyboard and mouse support anytime soon for console?
Entasis Ай мурун
WHEN ARE YOU GONNA FIX "code leaf" and Pathfinder grapple FFS?? YOUR GAME IS TURNING INTO TRASH LATELY. I'm sick of being disconnected every game today so you better hurry or refund people who spent 200€ in season pass and lootbox for this garbage.
Basg Bee
Basg Bee Ай мурун
"We will be having info about the switch about once a month." They said that in June the only ofical say aboy it.
Ideas for Apex Legends
Ideas for Apex Legends Ай мурун
I have an idea! 💡 You could add a trade system and a return system to Apex Legends! Trade System - The trade system can be used to trade legend and weapon skins to your friends. Return System - You could return legends and skins that you bought for crafting materials or coins. You get the coins from turning in legends and you get crafting materials from turning in skins. You could add a limit, only if you want to, for 3 turn-ins per season. Or you could just have unlimited, which the population of Apex Legends would like more. Hopefully, you like these ideas. Thanks! 🙏 (I want to give my brother a legendary revenant skin that I have, and I want to turn in revenant for Watson. It won’t only help me and my brother, but everyone else in the Apex community. Only add these things if you want to. I’m just here to give you ideas)
Ideas for Apex Legends
Ideas for Apex Legends Ай мурун
@T.L.P you too
T.L.P Ай мурун
@Ideas for Apex Legends np, have a great day
Ideas for Apex Legends
Ideas for Apex Legends Ай мурун
@T.L.P so are you! Thanks for the help!
T.L.P Ай мурун
@Ideas for Apex Legends they can keep creating accounts for that btw, but you are a nice guy.
Ideas for Apex Legends
Ideas for Apex Legends Ай мурун
@T.L.P I thought the same thing. That is why I added 3 returns per season. Two great minds think alike! 👍
Fick Dich
Fick Dich Ай мурун
Do you guys even playtest?
MrCrayon 72
MrCrayon 72 Ай мурун
This is just rampart trying to cool off after pointing a gun at mirage after he put her stuff in the rocket
LumiK0 Ай мурун
Next is to change or add another passive for Wattson and crypto cause it’s not it sweetheart ✨❤️. A passive shouldn’t have to be with a certain object that you have to look for. And it shouldn’t be something sorta similar that other legends have right off the bat.
シロクロ Ай мурун
ジップライン中に勝手に落ちるクソゴミ しかもランクマッチで。 マジで倒産するか本社爆破されちまえこの家畜が
Tom Nook
Tom Nook Ай мурун
Underpaid editor :(
criminal frauds
pilkers2 Ай мурун
Turtle Bait
Turtle Bait Ай мурун
During this update there has been multiple glitches and also when ever my game crashes I cannot reconnect to match while I am playing ranked and then i lose rp and get a penalty what do I do? I have lost more then 100 rp because of this please help me Apex
1upto Ай мурун
Revenant saying . I am beautiful just made my day
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez Ай мурун
What about Halloween event?
Robert Estrada
Robert Estrada Ай мурун
Apex Legends Channel: Heaven Apex Legends Twitter: Hell Edit: not to be confused, im talking about the comments
Amber5 _ 2014
Amber5 _ 2014 Ай мурун
Season 7 - Under The Sea Is Expected to Release Nov 13. Swimming Heroes Event November 20 - December 12
XXsweaty_tengu Ай мурун
Can you guys add split screen me and my little brother been trying to play together
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