Apex Devstream // Episode 002

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Apex Legends

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In this episode we’re joined by Apex Legends Game Director, Chad Grenier, Director of Product Management, Lee Horn, and more folks from the dev team to talk about updates to progression, quality of life features coming in the next patch, a look at the making of World’s Edge, and we check out some of our favorite fan art.
News and game updates: 2:06
Making of World’s Edge: 15:13
Community Showcase: 38:11
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Дмитрий Дягерев
Дмитрий Дягерев 11 күн мурун
Do shadowfall in world's edge after dark please
Ryan K
Ryan K 29 күн мурун
saintviper 0
saintviper 0 4 ай мурун
Nessie Easter egg
fallout fable
fallout fable 7 ай мурун
Question is there any other hints like trailer's for seasons for the firing range Easter egg? And also dose it have to do with a certain legend like hidden lore that is interactive like something with wraith
Mercedes E
Mercedes E 7 ай мурун
I got hacked 😭 buy Gibraltar I had a knock down shield but then I just died suddenly
YEEET BOI 8 ай мурун
Dose the plus ultra thing is from MHA
Matt Steenburg
Matt Steenburg 9 ай мурун
People get no kills and steal all my loot, people take the character I was gonna use and leaves before the game. And the dub system doesn’t even work cause people can still take dibbed item. You took two of my gold pulls. Loaded into a game and never got any gold anything. I’m actually telling people to uninstall it. You only listen to streamers
Xolor 7 ай мурун
Stop writing IT on evry video. Itd not thier problem that you are not only one who play character. And even if you dibs somone need that too
Jugg Universe
Jugg Universe 9 ай мурун
I've had 6 hours of sleep in 2 days just to grind through diamond 2 to get pred, I start up another game of ranked and it says "ranked locked" Why was there not a timer set for when rank ended... I've put over $2k and over 2k hours in this game and this makes me want to quit...
David Wheeler
David Wheeler 9 ай мурун
Rodney’s back cracking though holy crap I bet that felt great!😂
Samir Marseille
Samir Marseille 10 ай мурун
hey guys can give me legendary in pack please
Xolor 7 ай мурун
Its not work like that
FreeZaheer 10 ай мурун
Aye, how much y'all want for that Peacekeeper on the wall???
sYnthyyy 10 ай мурун
Remove SBMM
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 10 ай мурун
Respawn this will be to inform you I will be starting a boycott to this game it is apparent you don't know what you are doing. I have the worst experience of my gaming career today between being forced into solo matches causes the squads don't get filled by your under powered servers. Or if I or another teammate chooses a character they wanted so the that person quits there is entirely way to much latency issues. The only reason this game became popular is because it was free other wise it would have so poorly.
Xolor 7 ай мурун
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 10 ай мурун
Fornite server is faster !!
Xolor 7 ай мурун
Hmmm mahbe that its get most cash to epic so they not doing any other online games. EA have like so many onlines
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 10 ай мурун
Well again respawn servers can't keep up with demand from players. Today on several occasions I was either running solo matches or 2 man teams so i ask again should they be punished
flakes 9901
flakes 9901 10 ай мурун
Fix the servers please
Cursed Satan
Cursed Satan 10 ай мурун
I want more of *PATHFINDER* lore I am pathfinder main and i am a little curious
1000K subs without a vid. give sub or be sus
1000K subs without a vid. give sub or be sus 10 ай мурун
Viper = revenen
Xolor 7 ай мурун
TheModernFae 10 ай мурун
If y'all do this again, do you think it would be possible to look at some community made Character Concepts?
Caljae G
Caljae G 10 ай мурун
Hey when is cross platform coming??????....we need it
Kasim Collins
Kasim Collins 10 ай мурун
jhgdhytdyjdyjjtfhnydhtdhy jyttdjytd
jhgdhytdyjdyjjtfhnydhtdhy jyttdjytd 10 ай мурун
Bring apex legends to mobile please 😊
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 10 ай мурун
So the new word us players will be punished for dashboarding the game that is all good and well hiw about we address the fact of only 2 person teams. Should respawn be punished for not completely filling the team's and lobby?
Xolor 7 ай мурун
Can you shout up with your all comments? Or edit one. ITS JUST ANNOYING
sam_sway 10 ай мурун
add key chains to accessories in they apex merch store
Ice Man
Ice Man 10 ай мурун
please give caustic a buff !
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 10 ай мурун
And one more thing the charge rifle was used to take out giant machines called titans not ppl makes no sense to me why its in apex with no titans
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 10 ай мурун
Unfortunately this post will be a bad one i am officially done with this game its way to unbalanced with the bad teams and overpowered weapons its not fun anymore and any one who asks I will give them my personal opinion not to waste there time with this game. Maybe if this game is fixed in the future I may try it again as it stands probably not.
Xolor 7 ай мурун
I dont know how to play. Yes ITS ballance. Only unbalanced weapon is devotion and gibby
Eduardo S
Eduardo S 10 ай мурун
E Hill
E Hill 10 ай мурун
When's Wattson getting a buff? She is a very weak character at the moment because of the nerfs she has been given. Her tactical is easily destroyed and avoidable making them useless even In late game. Her passive isn't nearly as useful since the nerf to the amount of interception pylons she can have out at a single time, and after recieving her new passive she takes more damage making her less of a good pick. Her perimeter fences need to have some type of buff to make them actually constrict the battlefield. Some fence buffs I recomend; making her max pylons in her inventory to six instead of four, and make the fences do more damage. These buffs would make players' choice to walk through them more punishable. A change I recomend to make playing as her teammate better is to make all teammate projectiles like grenades and especially ultimates immune to her interception pylon. Many Caustic players get highly triggered when their teamate Wattson's pylon eats their gas grenade. Players I've played with have left the game after I picked Wattson showing the bad reputation she as. Lots of Wattson players say how if you play her right she is a great legend, but even if you know how her playstyle works she just doesn't cut it against the other legends. So please change her. Sincerely, A Wattson main
Simon M
Simon M 10 ай мурун
we need rpg's in this game.
Nugget Lordz
Nugget Lordz 10 ай мурун
Raiden 127456
Raiden 127456 11 ай мурун
Hey Respawn, could u take a look at Titanfall 2? Every time i play multiplayer, my game randomly starts lagging. It only happens in Titanfall 2, all my other games work great. There's also a problem with the sound, where it randomly glitches out when i'm using my headphones. Please help.
ScorchburnsYT 11 ай мурун
This skilled based matchmaking is kinda shit. I don't want to have to feel like I'm in a esports tournament every game cause I'm decent
wrait atwork
wrait atwork 11 ай мурун
You better work on Reconnectivity , Im so much Pissed
wrait atwork
wrait atwork 10 ай мурун
@Jet sniper nah i can type
Jet sniper
Jet sniper 10 ай мурун
Can you spell
Liban 11 ай мурун
Who else skipped AT LEAST one time
Time Lords
Time Lords 11 ай мурун
Does wraith's voices help her sleep or do they keep giving her warnings
theloreist 10 ай мурун
they keep her awake most of the time
Kruxzer O
Kruxzer O 11 ай мурун
Jeremiah Reeves
Jeremiah Reeves 11 ай мурун
What do you guys think about making it possible so that Pathfinder and Wraith can deactivate their zipline and portal once they use it? So that other teams can't use them.
Sirkesinee 11 ай мурун
Stop fooling around and fix "party member not ready" bug.. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 11 ай мурун
Just saw something interesting ppl are now openly cheating sbmm because it has become that big of a deal sounds like it sbmm should be fixed unless respawn wants to promote cheating
MehuManne 11 ай мурун
I'm pretty sure they're on a holiday break so hopefully something gets done to sbmm in january
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 11 ай мурун
So explain why players are going back to fornite over apex? Its because of all the lags and improper matchmaking
Demo o
Demo o 11 ай мурун
Is maybe the ester egg a dionsour plusie
Rockbo37 11 ай мурун
Anyone else miss kings Canyon? :(
Paravoz Pendos
Paravoz Pendos 11 ай мурун
@mrktrb May be because Apex hasn't big number of online players to lot them for 2 maps but I heard from data miners, that they was going to do choosing menu between 2 maps next season. Sry for my horrible English :)
mrktrb 11 ай мурун
yes :) they really should bring it back... why not have both? i don't understand
Jorl De pano
Jorl De pano 11 ай мурун
Cross play
Jorl De pano
Jorl De pano 11 ай мурун
Cross play
Cnerf55 11 ай мурун
those cats though
August — Sen
August — Sen 11 ай мурун
I thought i'd say this here , kgpost.info/will/video/lqjUwpdvp5JohK8 The link above to a octane buff vid which i as octane player totally recommend it and i really hope that you guys could do sth of the things mentioned in it cuz it would improve a lot of the game play with octane , Please Check it 🙇🏻🙇🏻
Dabbe Tabbi
Dabbe Tabbi 11 ай мурун
Nobody cares about anything u touched on, WHAT ABOUT SBMM!!!!!!!
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 11 ай мурун
Your idea of a good game is the worst the mechanics of the battle system is trash I'm definitely deleting apex it has no balance what so ever
Dina 11 ай мурун
Now entendí qe alguien lo reproduce
El Rata
El Rata 11 ай мурун
Los maldigos lo arruinaste todo maldita sea
Stretched Almond
Stretched Almond 11 ай мурун
Nerf g7 scout
Blizzard Husky
Blizzard Husky 11 ай мурун
Apex u pu should add spilt screen
CUTS 11 ай мурун
BIGG WORM 11 ай мурун
Brian Kwiatkowski
Brian Kwiatkowski 11 ай мурун
Fix the rank ban. It kicked me and I got a 4314 min ban
Murilo Martim
Murilo Martim 11 ай мурун
kgpost.info/post/1f_6szHJPlifq0eOD5Jwpg.html não clique aqui
Ben Joel
Ben Joel 11 ай мурун
Get our good old map, Or at least a GOOD map back!
Narendra Putra
Narendra Putra 11 ай мурун
You realized that the guy who made the fan art worked in respawn right
Zalina Musa
Zalina Musa 11 ай мурун
Hey can you fix the character skin
Yve Her
Yve Her 11 ай мурун
Its working a lot better
Relinquish 11 ай мурун
WHY the fuck would y’all make us hold the crouch button?
Rusty King
Rusty King 11 ай мурун
can they just do duos for good, and 4 man squads?
Elodie andréa officiel
Elodie andréa officiel 11 ай мурун
hello respawn. I do not understand why it is always the same who are punished for the world championship. the next gen console community would also like to participate in this event or you could also do a console competition which seems normal to me because we also contribute to the purchase of items which also allows you to create all of this while awaiting a response from your part thank you in advance !!!!! like here for respawn watch thank you community
Huffdrosis 11 ай мурун
Does anyone else agree that the devs need to fix the return to main menu bug that allows players to leave a ranked game without losing RP points mid game once they’re knocked! That bug is single handily destroying the point of grinding out ranked too many players that should be in gold/plat are predators because they NEVER lose RP... this bug is universal on all platforms and should be addressed ASAP
Mobster 11 ай мурун
Apex ist dead fuck sbmm my randoms Teams Level 30 and 50 and Champion sqaud is predator Level very nice matchmaking
Rayne Phell
Rayne Phell 11 ай мурун
Its sad when the wait in the lobby for the servers to load last longer than the fight itself
Ivanov 11 ай мурун
address skill based matchmaking
Rafox Castillo
Rafox Castillo 11 ай мурун
Congratulations for the award
Mitalene Thomas
Mitalene Thomas 11 ай мурун
Hey guys sharing these two players usernames are harassing players and a lot of racism Spacemen911 and ItalianPyro.
harouna doumbia
harouna doumbia 11 ай мурун
Hey respond why people that Play Apex Legend in PS4 That Don’t have the ability to record hackers
Joseph McGee
Joseph McGee 11 ай мурун
Got kicked mid match with error log not code leaf
Joseph McGee
Joseph McGee 11 ай мурун
ui/panel_survival_quick_inventory_v2.nut [UI] Index "0" is beyond array size of 0 Thi is the error code
paul ohare
paul ohare 11 ай мурун
How dou report a bug i got to battle pass 110 and i not got it it stuck on battle pass 108
Jerimiha Abbott
Jerimiha Abbott 11 ай мурун
Is the Easter egg the head that comes out of the ground randomly in firing range
Jerimiha Abbott
Jerimiha Abbott 11 ай мурун
Why does the health take longer than shield does??
Peter Chu
Peter Chu 11 ай мурун
Absolutely nobody: Game: We ran an algorithm to see you're very capable. You won't be able to find any armour, guns, ammo, and loot. You're a good player. Deal with it.
Artun İsci
Artun İsci 11 ай мурун
kgpost.info/will/video/t6aslKxvr559gtE please watch respawn I went in 40 games and every time I wasn't able to get a gun and I died at least 20 of the games I played with no kills. This has to change, now play Titanfall more than apex which was my favorite game please pay attantion
Artun İsci
Artun İsci 11 ай мурун
please like so they can see
weedee lxrd
weedee lxrd 11 ай мурун
Pls add cross play pls love no homo
Tshepo Sekhokho
Tshepo Sekhokho 11 ай мурун
Remove skill based match making!!!!
Bowser But Microwaved
Bowser But Microwaved 11 ай мурун
Abdul Hassan
Abdul Hassan 11 ай мурун
Got an idea of a new drop ship type special gun A pistol type with 30 damage basic and charges up the damage the more you ads.Would be cool to see something like that .We seriously need more guns and legends.Getting boring now
williethewiener 11 ай мурун
You need to fix this tired of people cheating their way to predator rank. I got up to top 600 in ranked and people still were quitting . The whole time I played rank I couldn’t understand why people quit and lose points and get a penalty. I followed a person who quit on me and it said they were already in a new match. I finally figured it out if you sign out of your Xbox live account with at least one of your teammates are alive they get loss forgiveness. It’s ruining rank there’s no way they can loose points.
Gabe Daniel
Gabe Daniel 11 ай мурун
Why no switch version
Gabe Daniel
Gabe Daniel 11 ай мурун
If witcher can run on switch and if overwatch can run on the switch. Why cant they bring apex to switch
llpara 11 ай мурун
Ya talking about the easter egg in firing range ??
Jay G
Jay G 11 ай мурун
Hello I just want to say you guys are doing an awesome job. I would love to be apart of your game dev team you guys have an awesome energy and it seems like you guys have a good time. Where is your studio based out of?
Johnniel Pagan
Johnniel Pagan 11 ай мурун
Apex I do not know why but as now the pairing is at another level I am console and I fight with people from the PC
Reapers Pride
Reapers Pride 11 ай мурун
I miss shadow fall but duos was lit thoee way more kills n always had a great teammate Can you guys do something else for.people who abandon teams 5mins penalty isnt nothing still have hella people leaving once they get down like wtf
Brendon Davõdov
Brendon Davõdov 11 ай мурун
Who else tought that was ian from smosh
大豆さんです 11 ай мурун
william F
william F 11 ай мурун
Sbmm may cause the death of a great game
Vicel Percival Garcia
Vicel Percival Garcia 11 ай мурун
I have been leveling up and a can't proced in the battle pass
tito villa
tito villa 11 ай мурун
No vuelvo a jugar hasta que pongan los modos solo dúo y armado y peligroso me voy fn ahí por lo menos puedo jugar solo si no tengo con quien jugar o dúos si solo tengo un amigo, el juego es bueno pero tú no escoges con quien jugar, y eso si es malo, espero y más jugadores agan lo mismo como los que ya se an retirado hasta que arreglen esta situación.
Austin Alexander
Austin Alexander 11 ай мурун
Permanent solos please!!!! Team mates is the most irritating thing on apex.
Cruz ortiz Yahir emanuel
Cruz ortiz Yahir emanuel 11 ай мурун
Est@ chida el arma de atras
Realexia 11 ай мурун
Man I wish apex had solo
senua T
senua T 11 ай мурун
I was voting for apex all the time but now I changed my mind because of EA servers why it's like that I can't play one match and no one do anything about it how's that who should I tell to fix I if u guys won't listen and see our messages
Richythe Men
Richythe Men 11 ай мурун
Bring back solos and i play again!! Now apex is dead
Facundo Vago
Facundo Vago 11 ай мурун
Pongan el modo solitario Dios mío.
Brudda Osas
Brudda Osas 11 ай мурун
Dear apex i lost 22 kills because of a error pls fix this
harouna doumbia
harouna doumbia 11 ай мурун
Yo respond Nerf theCall rifle where it was it not 0P but I want it back where it was please
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